Summer Math Resources

June 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As summer sets in, you may be thinking about how to preserve your child’s Mathematics skills over the summer break.  In an effort to assist parents in helping their children retain and strengthen their mathematics skills, we have generated a list of topics for the first three units, on each grade level, for the upcoming school year, as well as a list of online websites/resources that the students can engage with.  Children typically forget some of what they learned during the school year if they do not engage in learning activities over the summer. We encourage students to engage in 20-30 minutes of mathematics skill based activities a few days a week, to keep sharp for the upcoming school year.  In addition, we have included a list of fundamental skills/prerequisite topics from the previous grade level that students should have before entering the next grade level. Attached to this letter please find the topics and list of websites/resources that can be used to help make summer work interactive and exciting while still focusing on reviewing specific concepts.

I wish you and your children a safe, restful and enjoyable summer!







Antonella Schiano

Assistant Principal, Math Department

JHS 157, Stephen A. Halsey