Cell Phone Policy

Stephen A. Halsey JHS 157 Cell Phone Use Policy

The following is an outline of our student cell phone use policy. The policy was created by our School Leadership Team (SLT). This committee is made up of parents and educators.

Rationale: For parents of middle school aged students, cell phones can be a very important communication tool; especially when it comes to safety and for knowing their child’s whereabouts. The main purpose of cell phone use in the middle school should be for students to contact their parent when they get to school in the morning, or for students to contact their parent when they are leaving school for the day. As parents and educators, we must ensure that cell phone use does not disrupt the educational process/learning environment of a school. Therefore students must follow the rules below:

1. Upon entering the school building (except during breakfast and before 8AM) cell phones must be “turned off and placed in a child’s book bag or pocket.”
2. Students may not take out their cell phones during the day for use; this includes lunch/physical education and assembly class, etc. (past behavior indicates that children have a tendency to utilize social media such as ‘instagram” or “facebook” if/when phones are out during the school day).
3. If a child is not feeling well, they cannot take their phone out and call/text a parent to come pick them up from school. If a child is not feeling well, procedure is for the child to raise his or her hand and notify the teacher. The teacher may send the child to the restroom or to the nurse. The nurse will then contact the parent to let them know if the child should be picked up from school.
4. Students or parents may question why a child may not use their phone during lunch. Fact is, in the past when we have tried allowing students use of their phone during lunch, there were many complaints from teachers and students alike of continued disruptive cell phone use in the period following their lunch during learning time! Unfortunately, a majority of students would not turn off and put their cell phones away after lunch time.
5. Parents/family members may not call or text their child on their cell phone during the school day. Every minute our children spend learning in the classroom is crucial. They should not be interrupted by a text or a phone call at any time. In case of an emergency, parents may call the school and we will make sure your child receives your message.
6. If a student uses their cell phone during class time, the teacher will tell the child to put the phone away. If the student continues using the phone, the phone will be taken and given to the dean to be returned at the end of the day.
7. Cell phones may be used after school during “snack-time” in the cafeteria prior to test prep

It is important that we work together to ensure proper use of cell phones in school. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.


The School Leadership Team JHS 157