State Test Cohort D Instructions

The ELA State exam schedule is as follows:

8am: Line up in front of the main entrance

8:20am: Entrance into the auditorium – escorted to testing location

8:30am-9am: Pre-administration testing procedures

9am-11:30am: Administration of the exam (at 11:30 am, if exam completed, “grab and go” lunch)

11:30am-1:30pm: Continuation of exam

1:50pm: Dismissal for all students (Fully remote students will remain in the building for the entirety of the school day – 8am-1:50pm)


What to expect on the day of the ELA State exam:

We strongly recommend that students eat breakfast before coming to school. However, if you are unable to eat breakfast, a bagged breakfast will be provided for you to eat prior to the official start of the exam. Snacks brought from home are not permitted in the testing room. A bagged lunch will be provided to students taking the exam. We advise that students dress in layers, as the classroom windows will be open to circulate the air as part of the health and safety protocols.

You will arrive to school at 8am and socially distance on the green markers outside at the main entrance of the school building. Please wear a mask and have your health attestation form (see attached document and link below) completed the morning of the exam and available to be

reviewed upon entering the building. You can bring a completed paper copy of this form or you may present it on your cell phone. Remember to complete your daily attendance for the day.

Your temperature will be taken upon entering the building. Please bring tissues and hand sanitizer to school with you. You may bring a bottle of water with you but it must not be kept on your desk while taking the exam.

You will also need to bring number two pencils to take the exam and a book to read upon you finishing the exam prior to the end of the testing time. All other testing materials will be provided to students prior to the start of the exam.

Please do not bring the following items on the day of the exam:

Prohibited items include:

Calculators, calculator watches/smart watches, cameras, IPods, tablets/IPads, E-Book readers, etc. If you show up to school with any of these devices, your proctor will collect them from you. Your test will be invalidated if you do not turn the item(s) in to the proctor.

If a Cell phone is brought to school, it will be collected by your proctor and returned to you at the end of the examination (1:30PM).

Schedule for the ELA Examination:

Students will enter the building at 8:20am and report to the auditorium. They will be escorted to the testing locations. Proctors will assign students to their testing seats, which will be socially distanced 6 feet in each classroom. The number of students assigned to each classroom is determined by the square footage of the room to maintain the appropriate social distance between each student. Students must keep masks on at all times.

Students have unlimited time to complete the ELA State Exam but we expect most students to complete the exam within 1 ½ to 2 hours. Students who need additional time to complete the exam will continue through 1:30pm at which time all exams will be collected in preparation of dismissal. Students may take out a book to read when their test has been collected by the proctor while they wait for the end of the exam.

At 11:30am, students who have completed their exams will be provided with a “grab and go” lunch. All other students will continue with the administration of the exam. Students will be provided with a school lunch after completion of the exam.

If the student is not well on the date of the State Exam, April 20, 2021 a make-up date of April 22, 2021 will be arranged.