Robotics Results 01/12/2020

On Sunday, January 12th, our two Halsey Robotics Teams (#14408-Halsey Bionic Bulldogs and #12572-Halsey Bulldog Robotics) with Ms. Elfers, Mr. Sarris and Mr. Lober,  competed in their 2nd and Qualifier for the season.  For one of only two Junior High Schools competing with High Schools, we did really well!!  Team # 12572 came in 14th Place, while Team #14408 came in 11th overall but maintained between 4 and 6th place until the final rounds.  Team # 14408 was picked for an Alliance to play in the final rounds with one of the Francis Lewis High School teams and made it all the way up until the final round where they were unable to compete in the last round.  The team received a Finalist Alliance Certificate.  All in all, we had a pretty good season!

Special thanks to Ms. Jennifer Baum for the snacks and water and to Mr. Stuart Hoffman for volunteering his services for the event!  And thank you to all the parents who helped cheer on our teams!!!