Q & A with Ms. Lavino

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Where did you go to school?

For undergrad, I went to The Pennsylvania State University (the best college ever in my unbiased opinion!) and for my masters, I attended Brooklyn College.



How long have you been at Halsey?

I’ve been at Halsey for three years now!



What would you be doing if you were not a teacher?

If I was not a teacher, I would want to be a professional commercial dancer.



Why did you get into education?

I went into education because I love working with younger generations to hopefully inspire them and watch them learn and grow in whatever they do.



What is your favorite thing about being a teacher?

Hands down, my favorite part of being a teacher is building strong relationships with my students. We can relate to each other on so many levels and I love getting to know all about their lives and interests out of the classroom.



Any hobbies or interests that we do not know you would like to share?

As my students all know, I love to travel and experience other cultures, so my number 1 bucket list goal is 30 countries by 30! This past year has obviously put a giant halt to that plan but I am still optimistic that it’ll hopefully happen when the world starts to open up again.