Q & A with Ms. Goldstein

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Where did you go to school? 

I went to SUNY Cortland for my Bachelor’s degree and went to Molloy College for my Master’s degree



How long have you been at Halsey? 

This is my 2nd year at Halsey and it is my favorite school that I have worked at so far!



What would you be doing if you were not a teacher? ​

If wasn’t a teacher, I would love to be an astronaut! I love learning about outer space and the planets



Why did you get into education?

 ​I got into education because of my grandmother. She was a teacher and would always teach me new things when I was young. Then I would teach those things to my younger brother.



What is your favorite thing about being a teacher? ​

Just one?! My favorite parts about being a teacher is that A-HA! moment when something clicks for them, and see it in their eyes and making the connections, finding something they love thats outside of the classroom and make connections with them



Any hobbies or interests that we do not know you would like to share? 

​I live for live music especially classic rock and jam bands. I also love puzzles. They are so much fun and relaxing. I love nature and the outdoors too!