Q & A with Ms. Gallagher

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Where did you go to school?

I went to University at Albany for undergrad and Hunter College for my Masters and teaching certification!


How long have you been at Halsey?

This is my first year!


What would you be doing if you were not a teacher?

I really couldn’t imagine doing anything else! However, I would probably be a travel writer or event planner!


Why did you get into education?

I lived in Costa Rica for a month where I was teaching English at an orphanage. I fell in love with the population of English language learners. It is the most rewarding job in the world!


What is your favorite thing about being a teacher?

My favorite thing about being a teacher is building relationships with my kids. I love just chatting, catching up, and sharing parts of our personal lives in order to really understand and respect each other!


Any hobbies or interests that we do not know you would like to share?

Well as all of my students know, I live a block from the beach and I also am obsessed with my dog George. So, I love to bring him on the beach for long walks! In addition, I have been waitressing since I was 16 years old and still love to do it on the weekends! I love meeting new people and trying new foods so it’s the perfect “job” for me 😊 Lastly, I love going to live sports games, especially hockey games! I’m a huge Islander fan, so I am super excited to be able to go to the games again.