Q & A with Mrs. Hoffman

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Mrs. Hoffman is one of Halsey’s treasures. All her students love her, she has always attended PTA and SLT meetings as long as her schedule allowed. She has a beautiful personality and her caring for her students is obvious.

We asked Mrs. Hoffman to tell us about herself, her career, and why she got into education.

Mrs. Hoffman has lived in Queens her entire life and attended Bayside High School. After graduating High School she attended SUNY Binghamton (Binghamton University now), Queens College for her Master’s Degree, & City College for Post-Graduate.

Mrs. Hoffman has been at Halsey since 1993, so 28 years. She actually started at PS 206 several years before that. She always wanted to be a teacher. There was no other option for her. She even played school with her dolls as a little one. As you can see she was born for this job. She feels it sounds cliched, but she got into education because she loves working with kids. She said “I learn from them as well as hope they’re learning from me.” She has been teaching the same subject for quite a while but it still feels new every year.

-We asked Mrs. Hoffman if she had any hobbies and she replied “Hobbies????? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣You funny!!! Going to doctors with my mom 3 days a week. But I do love my dog Harpur (named for the liberal arts school at Binghamton) the best dog in the world, finding time to hang with my daughter and my friends and binging Netflix original shows. I do read in the summer (don’t want to sound completely uneducated). I do have a list of hobbies I want to start” but that will be when she decides its time to start a new life. We hope that day NEVER comes. Mrs. Hoffman truly is a Halsey treasure. The school community has been blessed to have her teaching our students since 1993, my daughter included!