Q & A with Mrs. Gruet

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Where did you go to school?
Which time? Lol. I did my Undergrad at Fordham University in Manhattan where I studied Dance and Theatre. My Graduate Degree is from Hunter College. I have continued with College Courses in TESOL – someday I hope to add teaching English as a Second Language to my skill set.

How long have you been at Halsey?
This is my 3rd year at Halsey, and my 9th year teaching in the DOE

What would you be doing if you were not a teacher?
I would stay up a lot later at night! But hmm, I’d probably still be teaching but somewhere else. In a Dance Studio, or a Gym, or to people in another country. Yup, would probably still be teaching.

Why did you get into education?
I accidentally got hired to teach Ballroom in schools through the “Mad Hot Ballroom” Dancing Classrooms program – you know the one where students compete against other schools in the Merengue, Tango, etc? It was through that job that I discovered my passion for teaching. While I spent my days as a guest artist in schools all across NYC, I went to Grad School at night to become a certified teacher.

What is your favorite thing about teaching?
I love when my students teach me something interesting that I never expected to learn. And the Dance Studio. Halsey has the BEST Dance Studio!

Any hobbies or interests that we do not know you would like to share?
Many people assume that a Dance Teacher doesn’t really know ‘academic’ things. That is completely false! I am a strong writer, I love to read, I am teaching a STEM course this year, I enjoy learning languages, and I learned Calculus by myself to pass a test (ok, it was really hard!). Learning academics has been a powerful tool for me – except Science. I am terrible at Science.