Q & A with Mrs. Elfers

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Hi all, Ms. Elfers here!  I went to school at the City University of New York, including:  Queensborough CC – A.S degree in Liberal Arts, York College – BA in Psychology/Teacher Education, Queens College – MSEd in Special Education, Graduate Center – Doctoral courses in Educational Psychology, and New School – ESL program for adult ESL education, and Teacher Education University – MA in Educational Technology. I have been working at Halsey for 21 years. I started as a Special Education Teacher where I taught:  Science, Reading, Math for 5 years and finally ended teaching Computers and AIS for 10 years.

For the past five years, I have been working with the Talent department teaching Computer Science. I was one of the first teachers involved with a program with the DOE called the Software Engineering Program. It has since evolved into CS4ALL where we trained to teach Computer Science. The goal is for all students to have at least one Unit of Computer science by the year 2025. I have always enjoyed computers and am glad I get to do what I love.   I also currently run the Mouse Squad where we used to do the Technology for the entire school until our Master Tech, Mr. Blanco joined us.  Now Mouse Squad runs with creating Mouse technology projects.  I also run the Girls Who Code Club and Coordinate the Robotic Team with Mr. Sarris and Mr. Lober when we are competing.

I was originally going to college to become a Nurse at Queensborough CC but found that I really liked Psychology so I decided to follow this course of study. Then as my kids were progressing through school, I was very involved and decided that I would like to study special education. If I had not gone into education, I probably would have gone into either Counseling or Psychology.

In my spare time, I love spending time with family out east at our beach house. We love the Long Island Sound and its calm water. We get together and have a lot of fun during the summer months, but we go out east year-round. When I’m not busy with my family, I love to read, watch movies, crochet and chill with my dog, a 4lb Maltese named Peanut.