Q & A with Mr. Plummer & Mr. Angelastro

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One of the real losses of not having a traditional school year is losing out on the relationships our students will make with our faculty. At an age when young people are easily influenced by some of the negativity that surrounds them, Halsey is blessed to have two strong adult male role models for our students to look up to.

Mr. Plummer and Mr. Angelastro work side by side and you will not find a more amazing team this side of the Milky Way. They are two tremendous role models for all our students and take on more work than a normal human being can handle. Lets put aside their typical duties as Guidance Counselor and Dean for a second because they do the work of 4 people each. Both of them have coached our boys competitive basketball team, facilitate our College Access for All program with March Madness, and they even make sure our students get home safely as they monitor them when they leave the school and head home. Both are members of our school safety team that Mr. Angelastro leads.

When we return to school our current 6th graders are in for something special when they meet their Guidance Counselor and Dean.