Q & A with Mr. Blanco

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Mr. Blanco is the IT Specialist at Halsey JHS 157. He started his run at Halsey in August of 2016. Ask anyone in the building and they will tell you he is the reigning and defending 3 time MVP of Halsey JHS 157.

He has single-handedly helped usher Halsey into the 21st century with his incredible understanding of modern technology. I dont have enough time or space in this email to explain the tasks he is given that he knocks out successfully on a daily basis. He takes on things that have nothing to do with IT as well. You will find him setting up classrooms, decorating the building, hanging posters, helping at dismissal, lunch, and morning entry into the school. You will find him helping at every single event Halsey hosts. He spends his lunch breaks playing Chess with students and helps with the Chess Club when it is running. He is also a founding member of the Bald Squad at Halsey along with Mr. Kagen, Mr. Porzio, Mr. Weiss, Mr. Zevon, and Mr. Suraci. We fully expect Mr. Lober, Mr. Freydin and Mrs. Martello to be in the crew in no time.

The entire school is dependent on the
Jedi Knight OBlanco Wan KenHalsey. Ok, that was dumb.