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Fundraising: Box Top Collection

If you are collecting box tops for Halsey, you can use these collection sheets and send them in to your child’s homeroom teacher.

Downright Scary

Harvest Collection Sheet

PTA Annual Appeal, 2017-2018

The Parents Teachers Association (PTA) of JHS 157 is an active group that supports all of the JHS 157 students, teachers and administration by providing funds for various school activities. The PTA raises money through membership donations, Picture Day, Bake sales and other forms of fundraising. Every parent with a student at JHS 157 is a member of the Parents Teachers Association (PTA). Our school greatly needs your support, to ensure that our children receive the quality education that they deserve. We are asking you to make a generous donation to the JHS 157 PTA. Keep in mind our school activities can only be supported if we raise enough funds for them. All donations will go towards Halsey programs and children. We need your support to keep our programs alive! Whether you donate your time, or money, or both, you can help make this a great year for our kids. Below are just a few programs these funds will support: Auditorium seat repair, Repair or upgrade of the trophy/award display cases in the hallways, Repair instruments for the Band program, support the Drama production, supplies for the STEM Lab, buses for Basketball team to travel, Choir competitions and much more. Any donation amount will be greatly appreciated. Every little bit helps.

If you have not done so already, you can make a donation via Paypal. (You can use your credit card; you do not need your own Paypal account.)

Or, please download and fill out the Halsey PTA Annual Appeal Letter

Announcing the 2017-2018 PTA Executive Board and New SLT Members

The PTA & SLT Elections took place at our June general PTA meeting. We have a new Executive Board and 3 new members of the SLT.

PTA Executive Board for school year 2017-2018:

Co-Presidents: Emily Ades & Vicky Barshai
Vice President: Stephanie Zevon
Recording Secretary: Robert Plass
Treasurer: Victoria Preys

Elected to the SLT for school year 2017-2018 (All SLT members serve 2 year terms unless they are leaving the school):

Vicky Barshai
Robert Plass
Ricky Cheng

Congratulations to all our newly elected officers!

Hassle-Free Fundraising

Dear Halsey Parents & Guardians

The PTA has alerted us to an amazing App where we can do hassle free fundraising for Halsey JHS 157. The App is called Shoparoo and can be downloaded in the Apple App store or in the Google Play store. I have attached some screen shots of Shoparoo with with basic information.


The concept is simple:


SHOP: When you go shopping at grocery stores and other retailers you will get a receipt from your purchase.

SNAP: Inside the Shoparoo App, you can take a picture of your receipt.

EARN: The more receipts we upload to Shoparoo the money we can earn for Halsey JHS 157. Some receipts uploaded will enter us into monthly sweepstakes as well.



  1. Download the Shoparoo App
  2. Select Halsey JHS 157 as your school
  3. Go back to your regularly scheduled shopping
  4. Upload pic of your receipts to Shoparoo
  5. Halsey earns money

We hope you will join us in this hassle-free fundraising so we can continue to support wonderful programs, clubs, and after-school activities at Halsey JHS 157.

Thank you!

Michael Zevon
Parent Coordinator
Stephen A. Halsey JHS 157

Now Online: The Halsey PTA By-Laws

Our Parent Teacher Association by-laws are online for your perusal. Please find them and download here:

Halsey 157 PTA By-Laws (PDF format)

Announcing the Halsey Parent Teacher Association…

HALSEY KIDS WIN! We’re excited to announce the parents at the April 14th PA meeting have unanimously voted to change into a PTA. Notification with details will come shortly… we just wanted to be sure to share the amazing news right now. Thank you to all of the incredible teachers, staff & parents who showed up in droves to the meeting and helped make history together!

Service Learning

The P.A., in partnership with the school, wants to create a vibrant school community for our children and families. We need your help with the following initiatives and want to hear your ideas, too!

  • Parent Engagement Subcommittee of the School Leadership Team (SLT). Join with administrators and teachers to foster the School-Family Connection.
  • Charitable and Community Service Committee. Help our community make a contribution to the world around us.
  • Love animals? Volunteers needed to help a group of dedicated 8th graders organize a fundraiser for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).
  • Want to help our neighbors in need?
    Food Drive – bring non-perishable food to P/T Conferences (11/17) and we’ll donate them to local pantries
    Coat Drive (December) – plan or contribute your gently used coats to be donated to local shelters
  • Want to be a lifelong learner in the service of doing good? Find opportunities for our families, such as First Aid/CPR Training and Red Cross babysitter certification.
  • Multicultural Event Committee. We’ve got two co-chairs who need lots of help creating a special event to celebrate our diversity…with food, performances, a fashion show, and any ideas you want to share!
  • Wellness Committee. Interested in the healthy bodies and minds of our students and families? Create programs to promote good nutrition, physical fitness, and emotional well-being.

Interested in any of these initiatives or have other ideas? Please contact

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