Pop Up Vaccination Site

JHS 157 Designated “Pop-up” Vaccination Site!

We received confirmation this weekend that Halsey is scheduled to be a pop-up vaccination site for the second dose of COVID-19 vaccinations. A vaccination vendor will be set up at our school on Monday December 6th from 7:30AM – 4:30AM to offer vaccinations to students ages 5-11.

As with the first date, these vaccinations are ONLY being given to students whose parents accompany them; the vaccine vendor will not vaccinate any student who is unaccompanied by a parent. All students will remain in their classes unless their parent comes to the school building to accompany them while they receive the vaccine. If you do not want your child to be vaccinated, you do not need to do anything. Unless a parent physically arrives at the building to accompany their child, that child will not leave the classroom.

If you would like your child to receive the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine on Monday December 6th, please read the following:

·        Only children between the ages of 5 and 11 are eligible for vaccination on Monday December 6th, even if your child just turned 12 and was 11 when they received the first dose here at Halsey. If you or your child who is 12 or older would like to receive a first or second vaccine dose, you should visit https://vaccinefinder.nyc.gov/ to find a city vaccination location at no cost.

·        At this time, we are told only 50 doses will be available, but this may change before Monday the 6th

·         For now, only second vaccine doses are available; we are waiting to hear whether first doses can be offered.

·         You do not need insurance; the vaccine is free.

·        You will need to provide a form of identification to enter the building, but you do not need to provide proof of immigration status or a social security number.

·        You will need to provide or complete a health screening form (attached) to enter the building, but you do not need to be vaccinated yourself.

·        We recommend you plan for your child to be vaccinated early in the morning before school or after dismissal so that your child does not miss any instructional time. If vaccinating before or after school, please bring your child to the building entrance at the middle of 63rd Drive between Yellowstone and 102nd Street.

o   If you would like your child to be vaccinated during school hours, go to the building entrance at the middle of 63rd Drive between Yellowstone Boulevard and 102nd Street. A member of the Halsey staff will call your child down to meet you.

·        Vaccine incentives, including a $100 pre-paid debit card, are available to any individuals who get vaccinated. Find more information here: https://www1.nyc.gov/site/coronavirus/vaccines/vaccine-incentives.page

·        You are encouraged to record your child’s vaccination status in the DOE’s COVID-19 Vaccination Portal at https://vaccine.schools.nyc/.

If more information becomes available, we will inform families via email. For any further questions or concerns, please email Mr. Dechongkit (ndechon@schools.nyc.gov) or Mr. Zevon (mzevon@schools.nyc.gov) .