Israel Club

We are extremely happy to announce that Halsey will once again be organizing an Israel Club!

At the Israel Club all are welcome and it is a non affiliation club.

In the past, Israel Club gathered the strengths and skills and talents of the Halsey parents and guardians, offering students an opportunity to experience and discuss the different foods of Israel and the surrounding area (prepared by an actual chef), the music and dances of the Middle East, fashions, geography, as well as environmentalism and social activism.  Most meetings were made great by fantastic speakers and guests, as well as involved parents.  With Mr. Freydin facilitating, the Israel Club doubled in size!

We invite any and all guests and curious visitors – so long as politics and religion are left outside!  Parents are welcome to attend with their young scholars, as are all staff!  PARENTS ARE THE BACKBONE AND THE ENGINE OF THIS CLUB!!!!  Adult Volunteers of parents, staff, or friends of Halsey are strong encouraged to contribute their talents and skills.

If you have questions or contribution suggestions, please feel free to reach out to Mr. Freydin at 

See you all there!!!

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