Improv Team

Once again, our school has been selected to participate in the Upright Citizen Brigade Teen Improv Festival for students in 7th grade and up in February (tentative dates are February 4 &5) at the Upright Citizen Brigade Theater in Manhattan. We will be having auditions for our Improv Team- “Impossible Improvabables”.  Therefore, if you would like to be on the Halsey Improv team, here are some things you will need to know and discuss with your parents.  Be sure to get their “ok” and have them sign this permission slip.

  1.  Auditions – Monday, November 25 at 2:30pm. We cannot predict what time we will finish the auditions as it depends on how many students attend. However, hopefully by 4:30-5pm.  Once you have auditioned, you may go home. Please be in contact with your parents to let them know.
  2. Rehearsals – Starting Rehearsals will be on Mondays, from 2:30-4:30pm, with occasional Tuesday rehearsals at the same time. (This will be announced at least a week in advance) our first Rehearsal will begin on Monday, Dec. 2, with the following rehearsal on Tuesday, Dec.10. 
  3. Attendance- Attendance of Rehearsal is mandatory!  You will be allowed one absence from rehearsal while we prepare for the Improv performance. Any more than one absence, you will be removed from the Improv team. No absences 2 weeks prior to the performance.
  4. Code of Conduct- Improv is fun, but not at the risk of safety of yourself and or others.  Respect our space and each other! You will be removed from the team if you are not able to behave appropriately and with respect.
  5. The Team- We are looking to have a team of 10-12 Improv players. Eighth graders will be given first spots on the team, with 5 7th grade alternates.  If you are removed or leave the team, an alternate will be given your spot.
  6. Have fun!

Some of the things we will look for in the audition:

  1. Are you participating in every warm-up, exercise or game?
  2. Are you supportive and encouraging of other people?
  3. Do you take direction well?
  4. Are you willing to play, have fun and be a positive person to be around?
  5. Are you a good listener? On stage or off?
  6. Are you dependable? Do you show up on time?
  7. Are you trustworthy?
  8. Can you commit to the weekly rehearsal schedule
  9. Are you excited about performing?
  10. Are you safe on stage?
  11. Are you respectful to others?
  12. Do you show the potential for growth?
  13. Would you judge yourself if you make a mistake or did something silly?
  14. Would you judge others if they made a mistake or did something silly?
  15. Do you judge the exercises if you don’t like/understand them?
  16. Are you a negative person?
  17. Are you overly aggressive?
  18. Do you want to be the star of every scene?

Over the next week, think about these questions.  If you can answer “Yes” to 1-12 and “No” 13-18, you should definitely audition!  Otherwise, being on the Halsey Improv Team might not be the right choice for you.  We hope this answers all you questions and hope to see you at the auditions!