High School Application is open

Subject: High School Admissions is Open – Apply by December 1

Dear Families,

The high school application is now open and the deadline to apply is Friday, December 1, 2023. Current eighth-grade (and interested  ninth-grade) students in NYC can apply. Here’s how:

Log into your MySchools.nyc account. 

  • You will use MySchools to explore high schools, apply, and get your offer.
    • If you used MySchools to submit your child’s middle school application a few years ago, you can log into MySchools using the same email address – your account is still active, and your child’s high school application will be there.
    • If not, you will need a unique account creation code to access your child’s high school application – a welcome letter with this code is on the way to your home in the mail.
  • Need help creating an account? Watch this tutorial, by clicking on this link https://vimeo.com/488986238

Learn about high schools and their admissions programs.

  • Browse ProgramsSearch MySchools.nyc for programs based on interest, location, and more. Each program’s page includes information on how it makes offers and if you need to complete any additional steps, such as an audition or additional task. On our website, learn how to audition (schools.nyc.gov/HSAuditions) and how students get offers to screened programs (schools.nyc.gov/ScreenedHS)
  • Visit Schools: Learn about schools of interest by going to an open house or school tour. You can check the MySchools’ event calendar (myschools.nyc/calendar) to find open houses and information sessions. You can also visit a school’s website or contact them directly to find out more.  

Make sure to apply by December 1!

  • Add 12 choices to your child’s application in MySchools. List these choices in your true order of preference, with your top choice as #1
  • Very important that you do not list a school or program that you do not want your child to attend. If listed and the student is matched to that school, the student will be attending that school. 

You can submit your high school application one of the following ways:

Attend one of our live, virtual admissions events!

Events will begin tomorrow, October 4th, with an information session focused on registering for the SHSAT. The remaining October events will provide an overview of the admissions process, from how to access your MySchools account to the best way to complete your application. (We sent the flyer out yesterday for this event).Visit schools.nyc.gov/HS for more information and the full list of events.Need support with your MySchools account, your child’s unique account creation code or your application? Have other admissions questions? We’re here to help! Talk to your child’s school counselor, come to an admissions event, or contact a Family Welcome Center(schools.nyc.gov/FWC).