Halsey Nights

The COVID-19 virus impacted the United States and NYC was forced to close schools. Halsey JHS 157 believes that socialization is imperative for youth development. Halsey JHS 157 takes pride in our faculty not only being amazing teachers but they are also positive adult role models for our students.

We needed to get that socialization back in some form. That is when Halsey Nights was created. A talk show during the week, sometimes more than once a week, at night where teachers would show off some of their special skills and invite students and their families to be a part of it through the wonderful world of remote learning. Using Google Meet we have been able to reach our families and provide some socialization and a small distraction to the troubling times we are all facing.

Episode List

Episode 1 – Taco Tuesday with Ms. Butera
Episode 2 – Sports Talk with Mr. Angelastro
Episode 3 – Baking with Ms. Tchilingarian
Episode 4 – Pet Night
Episode 5 – At the Theater with Ms. Schwarz and Ms. Shikowitz
Episode 6 – Wrestling Talk with Mr. Zevon
Episode 7 – Nerd Night with Mr. Blanco and Mr. Lober
Episode 8 – Share Night with Ms. Shikowitz (Halsey’s first Virtual Talent Show!)
Episode 9 – Talkin’ Baseball with Mr. Zevon
Episode 10 – Baking Cupcakes with Ms. Tchilingarian
Episode 11 – Cooking with Mr. Suh
Episode 12 – Wrestling Talk with WWE Superstar Curt Hawkins
Episode 13 – Dance Night with Mrs. Gruet and legendary B-Boys Jiggz & Wild Child
Episode 14 – 2020 Halsey Senior Prom
Episode 15 – Halsey Hackathon Part 1
Episode 16 – Halsey Hackathon Part 2 – The Finale
Episode 17 – Live on Location at Las Vinas Peruvian Restaurant Re-Opening
Episode 18 – Share Night with Ms. Shikowitz – Final Virtual Talent Show of the Year
Episode 19 – Fitness Night with Ms. Butera
Episode 20 – Senior Showcase with Ms. Schwarz
Episode 21 – Farewell School Year Show

Halsey Nights Will Return in the School Year 2020-2021!