Graduation 2021 Update

Graduation Day 6/17/21

Below you will find the link to the live stream of the graduation ceremony and the link for the graduation program.

Graduation Ceremony Live Stream

Graduation Program




We are excited to announce JHS 157 will celebrate our graduating eighth graders with an outdoor in-person graduation ceremony on the Great Lawn of St. John’s University on June 17, 2021 beginning at 9AM and ending at 11AM. Our Grade 8 Senior Activities Committee, in collaboration with our School Leadership Team and our PTA, have engaged in a great deal of research to identify a safe outdoor location that is in proximity to our school community and satisfies all NYCDOE regulations on outdoor graduation ceremonies.

Based on our experience with conducting in-door graduations at St. John’s University, plus a careful review of their COVID safety protocols, we are confident we have made the right decision on behalf of our grade 8 graduates, their families, and our staff.

All attending graduates will receive tickets to attend the graduation on June 17, 2021 at 9AM. For those families that do not wish to have their child attend we will live stream the event so you can watch it from the comfort of your home.

To attend in-person graduation EVERY PERSON (including the graduate) MUST provide the following: PROOF OF A NEGATIVE COVID-19 TEST result taken within 72 hours of June 17 OR proof of full vaccination, with the final vaccine date at least 2 weeks prior to June 17. Upon entry, all guests must show St John’s University campus public safety a “green pass” acquired from the St John’s Health and Wellness APP (instructions on how to use the APP will be taught to attending 8th grade graduates at the end of May) Due to COVID restrictions we are limited on the number of in-person guests who can attend. This is a first come-first go basis.


Each graduate participating in the graduation ceremony at St John’s on June 17th will receive a “graduation package” which will include the following:

  • 4 graduation tickets (1 ticket is for the graduate and 3 tickets for guests)
  • Graduation Cap (you can decorate for the ceremony if you wish to -no gown)
  •  A “2021” Graduation Blue and White Tassel
  •  A “graduation information sheet” with graduation details (dress code/directions for downloading the SJU Wellness App/procedures for when you arrive at St John’s on June 17th, etc.,)
  • All the above will be placed in an envelope for your convenience

How do I get my Graduation Package?

On Monday June 7th, the graduation package will be distributed to students in Cohort A who are in school (if you are absent on June 7th, you must follow directions below).

On Tuesday June 8th from 7:15 am- 1:00 pm (no school June 8th but we will be open for you to pick up your graduation package)- students and/or a family member (any cohort) can come to the main entrance of the school to pick up their graduation package 7:15AM-1:00PM.

On Wednesday June 9th and Thursday June 10th- parent/guardian/family member from any cohort can come to the school main entrance from 7:00 am to 8:00 am or 9:00 am to 1:00 pm to pick up their graduation package.

*Additionally, during the school day on Wednesday June 9th and Thursday June 10th, graduation packages will be distributed to in-person Cohort B students.

All packages must be signed for when being picked up or received by students in school.

Please be advised that there are no extra caps/tassels/tickets so please do not lose or misplace any items in the graduation package.

Please feel free to email Principal Suraci at , Ms. Sussman at  or Mr. Zevon if you have any questions.

How to Get a St. Johns Campus Green Pass