Grading Policy – MP1

MP1 Grading Policy

Fall 2020

Content area classes calculated student averages according to the following formula:

· 50% Assessments and Projects

· 40% Student Work

· 10% Participation

These student averages were then represented by grade codes according to the following scale:

· 90-100 = ME (Exceeding Standards)

· 75-89.99 = MT (Meeting Standards)

· 65-74.99 = N (Needs Improvement)

· 64.99 and below = NX (Course in Progress)

ACES, Small Group ELA and Math, and homeroom classes were graded on a P / NX scale:

· 65-100 = P (Pass)

· 64.99 and below = NX (Course in Progress)

Please note that the NX grade code is not only used to represent numerical averages below 65; it is also used for the following reasons:

· Insufficient work to calculate an average, regardless of reason

· No access to sufficient and consistent remote learning technology for all or part of the remote learning period (includes devices, WiFi or need to share limited technology with other family members)

· Challenges in navigating the technology recommended to support student learning

· Insufficient work available to determine a student’s grade despite multiple attempts to contact the student and family