General School Guidelines


Free Grab and Go Breakfast is available at each entrance of the building in the morning.

Bell Schedule

8:30 – 8:50 – Homeroom
8:52 – 9:33 – First Period
9:35 – 10:15 – Second Period
10:17 – 10:58 – Third Period
11:00 – 11:41 – Fourth Period
11:43 – 12:24 – Fifth Period
12:26 – 1:06 – Sixth Period
1:08 – 1:48 – Seventh Period
1:48 – 1:50 – Pack Up & Line Up
1:50 – Begin Staggered Dismissal

Staggered dismissal times

Dismissals start at 1:50pm starting with 6th grade
7th grade 1:55pm
8th grade 2:00pm



1) Lateness, cutting and truancy are prohibited.
2) Students may not bring in any unauthorized person into the school at any time.
3) All electronic devices must be turned off during the school day. Devices such as HEADPHONES, IPODS, MP3/4, OR ANY HAND HELD GAMING DEVICES, CELL PHONES/ MOBILE DEVICES used in the building will result in confiscation. Parent must pick up device on Friday from grade dean.
4) The school will not be responsible for items confiscated.
5) Hats or headgear (except religious attire) are NOT to be worn in the building.
6) Students must have an official pass to go from one place to another in the building.
7) Students who become ill may not be sent home alone, a Parent/Guardian listed on the Emergency Blue Card must pick them up at school.
8) Students are to leave the school grounds at the end of their school day.

Prohibited Items
Tank tops and short shorts, sunglasses, headbands, visors, ski masks, spiked bracelets, inappropriate words or slogans on clothing, glass bottles, skateboards, bicycles, roller blades, basketballs, soccer balls, bats and other sporting equipment.

The Following Infractions May Result in Suspension
1) Fighting and disrupting the orderly operation of school activities.
2) Engaging in physical assault and/or sexual assault.
3) Engaging in, or causing riotous conditions.
4) Recklessly endangering students and/or staff.
5) Possessing or using a weapon or a laser light/pointer.
6) Engaging in theft of personal or school property.
7) Engaging in cheating or plagiarizing.
8) Ringing a false alarm or engaging in acts of arson.
9) Using intimidation, coercion, force or extortion.

Student Entry Procedures

• Students are recommended to arrive with their own face coverings. If a student does not have a face covering, one will be provided before entering the school building.
• Upon entry to the building, students will have their temperature taken and will be directed to their assigned classrooms practicing proper social distancing (six feet from one another.)
• Students must clean hands with sanitizer or with soap and water after entry and before entering class.

First Day School Entry Procedures

• 6th graders will line up by the red markings on the ground outside the school yard and use the entrance by the cafeteria. Students will proceed to the cafeteria to be picked up by their Teachers.
• 7th graders will line up using blue markings on 63rd Road
• 8th graders will line up using green markings on 64th Ave

Afternoon Dismissal and Pick-up
Grade 6 – Dismissal will begin at 1:50pm.
Grade 7 – Dismissal will begin at 1:55pm.
Grade 8 – Dismissal will begin at 2:00pm

Parents picking up students should be at their child’s designated exit (same as entrance) and should leave the premises immediately to avoid crowds gathering.

Traveling Through School Procedures

Students will remain in their classrooms for the entire day while social distancing

We need your commitment to ensure that your student is here for the full day of instruction regularly. Attendance is one of the measures used to determine grade promotion – the NYC School Chancellor’s regulations require that each student achieves a minimum of 90% attendance every school year. Make it a goal to achieve 100% attendance.

Tardiness disrupts classes already in progress, is disrespectful to the class and negates our efforts (and parent efforts) to teach students the importance of being on time.

Reporting an Absence
Parents whose child is going to be absent should call Halsey JHS 157 that morning: 718-830-4910 and leave their child’s name, class or homeroom #, and a brief reason for the absence. Students who have been absent from school for 3 days or longer due to an illness need to bring a note from a parent or a doctor stating the reason for their absence. If parents know ahead of time that their child must be out of school, they should please send a note stating which days will be missed and the reason for the upcoming absence.

School Lunch
School lunch is free for all students! Lunch will be delivered to the students in their classroom and at this time students will receive a mask break. Social distancing must be followed during lunch. This will be a learning lunch.

Home Lunch
If your child brings lunch from home, please be aware that it will not be refrigerated at school, nor can food be reheated. You may want to purchase an insulated lunch bag and reusable food containers to reduce waste. At this time students will receive a mask break. Social distancing must be followed during lunch. This will be a learning lunch.

Nut and Other Food Allergies
Several students at our school have food allergies. For these students, food can represent a danger and must be carefully monitored. It is the family’s responsibility to notify the school of a child’s allergies. The family and school team will work together to develop a plan that accommodates the child’s needs throughout the school day.