FAQ’s – Schedules

Important Message from Mr. Suraci – FAQ about Student Schedules

Good afternoon,

I hope this email finds you well. Below are frequently asked questions from students and parents/guardians as it pertains to student schedules. I hope the information helps clarify some confusion some students were experiencing over their new schedules.

Please keep in mind that our school opening this year is like no other in our history. Given limitations to scheduling and resources, we are working to providing the best possible educational experience for our students. The situation is fluid and as resources become available we will make applicable adjustments to our students and teacher programs. Last week, students in cohorts A/B/C received 2 schedules; one is “in-person” and the other “remote learning on home rotation days” Students in cohort D received one “full remote schedule.” Here are some questions we received:


Q: I have homeroom from 8:30AM-8:50AM each day in my remote learning schedule. Am I required to attend homeroom everyday?

A: Yes. Homeroom is a very important component of your learning each day. It is not only a time for student attendance, homeroom is when teachers will be engaging students in social emotional activities ensuring we are confident and prepared for a full day of learning!

Q: For some of may classes I have 2 teachers, one teacher for “in-person” learning and another teacher for when I am at home for remote learning. Who is responsible for my grades?

A: Both teachers will collaborate on calculating your report card grade. Students are expected to complete both in person and remote learning tasks. Both teachers names will appear on your report card as well.

Q: When I look at my remote learning schedule I see that I have a class period 1 and period 4 but I do not have a class period 2 and period 3. Are these free periods?

A: Yes and no! Yes, because you are not in a live session. No, because students are expected to complete asynchronous instruction assignments (assigned lessons/tasks/videos/independent reading, etc.,) when they are not participating in a live learning session. The time should not be viewed as “free periods.”

Q: What is the grading policy for my classes?

A: The hybrid model of teaching and learning requires modifications to curriculum, pedagogy (delivery of instruction) and expectations of students work products/assignments. There are complex changes that need to happen across each of these areas. These changes are a work and progress. Once we have established a new standard for each, students and parents/guardians will be provided with a uniformed grading policy by subject grading policy by subject and grade

Q: Why is my “talent” elective different this year?

A: Due to the complexities of the hybrid program and to the constantly changing accommodations for student and staff remote learning, we are unable to provide our students with the traditional “talent” electives our school has previously programmed. We are, however, in many cases, still able to offer students a whole class “talent” opportunity during their in-person learning. These class offerings are not based on preference but on the flexibility of the schedule. Once we return to our “traditional” in school model, talents, electives, physical education and other traditional JHS 157 programs will be implemented once again.

Q: My child has an IEP and is entitled to certain services. Will these services be provided?

A: Yes. We are currently in the process of scheduling OT/PT, speech and other services for our students. A service provider will be in contact with your child with more information in the near future.

Q: My child receives SETTS services or is in an ICT class. Will my child receive these services?

A: Yes. We are currently in the process of formalizing our ICT and SETTS teachers/programs to ensure we maintain our class designations in the hybrid school model.

Q: I am in 7th grade will I have Spanish this school year?

A: Due to the complexity of the schedule, we were only able to program our current 8th grade students for Spanish class to start the school year. We did so because our 8th grade students will be eligible to attain Check Point A (FL proficiency) credit for high school. We hope to be able to provide FL to our 7th grade students in the near future during their remote learning hybrid days.

Q: I know my homeroom class and cohort but I have not received an updated schedule. Where do I go to find my schedule for my first day of remote learning on Sept 16?

A: Once students accept their homeroom teacher’s Google classroom invite, they can access their schedule on the morning of Sept 16. Students, on Sept 16 at 8:15AM go to our school website Halsey157.org and follow the link to access your schedule (and Google links for each class) for that day.

Q: How will in-person and remote learning attendance be taken?

A: We are in the process of designing a procedure for taking attendance for in person/hybrid and full remote learning. We will share this protocol with students and parents/guardians in the near future. For now, attendance (both in person and remote) will be taken by your teacher during homeroom class.

Later this week, students/parents/guardians will receive an email from me with directions for our first day of in- person learning. Good luck tomorrow!

Once again, please feel free to reach out to me should you have any further questions.


Vincent Suraci

Principal JHS 157