Emoti-Con 2021

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Congratulations to everyone who submitted projects to Emoti-Con from Halsey JHS 157Q – They were all accepted! YES, WE RULE! 

18 accepted projects:

  1. Admirers of Life by Judah, Ella, Daniel, Papa
  2. Animal Rights Not Wrongs by Sumayah, Lorian, Adil, Isaiah
  3. Blocks of Grass by Roland S
  4. Build A Better World – AICK by Aaron, Iosi, Camilla, Kyle
  5. Build A Better World – CAKS by Ahmed, Charles, Kacper, Shuhad
  6. Build A Better World – JEJ by Jeremiah, Emily, Jasmine
  7. COVID-21, A Platformer Game by Sebastian, Mattan, Nina, Mya
  8. DiverCity by Damon, Lucas, Samay, Jason
  9. Diversity City by Benjamin, Dianshi, Joshua, Tammy
  10. JHJ World by Jakhongir (Jack), Jahongir, Holger
  11. New Block City by Jordan B, Jordan P, Diego, Yaffa
  12. Panda Striker by Michael, Jacob
  13. Save the Animals – Animal Advocate – G4C by Naomi, Joshua
  14. Save the Habitat by Amaris, Christian, Kaitlin, Isabella
  15. Self Care and Improving our Mental Health by Alessandra, Dara
  16. Self Care Stimulator by Amaryllis, Sasha, Gabby
  17. The Game of 2020 by Ingine, Eliana, Alana
  18. The Quarantine Life by Aishwari, Debopriyah
They publish all of our project pages on Monday! Visit https://emoticon.mouse.org during the Project Fair (from 5/24 and 6/4) to leave encouraging comments & emojis for your friends and for students from other programs!

Thank you to Mrs. Elfers for being an amazing teacher to our students!