Debate Team Results 12/07/2019

In novice parliamentary out of 140 speakers 

 ◦ 41st place Doa Sadriu

 ◦ 27th Abigail Fuzaylov

 ◦ 3rd Gohune Teresea-Tarbutton

In team novice parliamentary team standings out of 40 teams

 ◦ 18th place Eliana Davy , Nena Shah, Anastasia Dyeduk

 ◦ 1st place Abagail Fuzaylov, Gohune Theresa-Tarbutton, Doa Sadriu 

In intermediate parliamentary out of 100 speakers

 ◦ 24th place Aniya Campbell

 ◦ 17th place Skye Carbo

 ◦ 15th place Emily Wenchell 

 ◦ 4th place Dadoen Tenzin 

In intermediate parliamentary team standings out of 20 teams

 ◦ 7th place Jack gold, Aniya Campbell, Skye Carbo

In Public forum for team awards out of 90 teams

  • 8th place Kyle Wong and Ruby Abohalima took
  • 16th place Millie Doshi and Camila Penafiel
  • 19th place Vihaan Agnihotri and Timothy Louie.
  • 23rd place Aaron borukh
  • 25th place Mattan Rechany and William Kaplan 
  • 26th place Jackson Filippone and Tara Tomic

In Public forum for speaker awards out of 170 speakers.

  • 42nd place Ruby abohalima
  • 41st place Louie Timothy
  • 30th place Mattan Rechany
  • 29th place William Kaplan
  • 23rd place Millie Doshi
  • 17th place place Kyle Wong
  • 14th place Tara Tomic
  • 7th place Aaron Borukh


Great Job team on a very successful competition