Debate Team Results 01/11/2020

We want to congratulate the Halsey Competitive Debate Team on a very successful tournament on Saturday, January 11th, 2020.  In the Public Forum category Halsey finished in 9th place and in the Parliamentary category the Bulldogs finished in 6th place.

In Novice Parliamentary – Out of 150 Speakers
Goh-Nue Tarbutton – 37th Place
Madelyn Fu – 40th Place
Anastasia Dyeduk – 50th Place  

In Team Novice Parliamentary Standings – Out of 80 Teams
Goh-Nue Tarbutton, Doa Sadriu & Abigail Fuzaylov – 11th Place
Nena Shah, Evan Martorella, and Abhijith Pai – 24th Place
Ibraheem Abdur-Raheem, Isabel Fuzaylov, & Anastasia Dyeduk – 31st Place
Madelyn Fu, Sophia Tkachenko, & Katherine Yusupov – 32nd Place

In Open Parliamentary out of 100 speakers
Hannah Lemes – 6th place 
Skye Carbo – 20th place 
Jack Gold – 40th 
Eliana Davy – 42nd place 
Dadoen Tenzin – 45th place
Emily Wenchell – 50th place  

In Open parliamentary team standings out of 35 teams Emily Wenchell, Hannah Lemes & Dadoen Tenzin – 11th place
Jack Gold, Eliana Davy & Skye Carbo – 20th place.

In Public forum for team awards out of 80 teams
Tara Tonic & Aishwari Paul – 10th place
Rania Hammami & Tahira Shekhani – 16th
Giuliana Scoloveno & Natalia Calle – 17th
Mattan Rechany & William Kaplan took 22th 

In Public forum for speaker awards out of 150 speakers. Tara Tonic – 6th 
Camila Penafiel – 7th
Jackson Filippone – 8th
Aaron Borukh – 14th
Kyle Wong – 23th
Giuliana Scoloveno – 24thRania  Hammami – 32th

Great Job team on a very successful competition