Stephen A. Halsey JHS 157 Weekly Update

Stephen A. Halsey JHS 157 Weekly Update

Happy Friday Halseyites and Halseymaniacs! We hope your week went smoothly. We had a very busy week here inside the hallowed grounds of JHS 157. Tuesday night was our PTA meeting, Wednesday was the SLT meeting, the PTA Teacher Appreciation Lunch, and the Parent Teacher Conferences. Thursday was the amazing musical put on by Halsey students and their fantaburiffic leader Ms. Schwarz – Once On This Island. Friday, well thats today and hopefully its as smooth as the rest of the week. On to the fun….

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and on Wednesday our wonderful PTA celebrated all our faculty by hosting a luncheon during periods 4, 5, 6, and 7. The teachers had an amazing lunch and got to walk the red carpet and allowed the paparazzi to take their pictures. They all received a gift too – a very cool umbrella with the Halsey logo on it.

On behalf of the entire Halsey faculty we would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the PTA has done for our school and making Teacher Appreciation Day a special one.

The cast and crew of the musical Once On This Island put on an amazing performance Thursday night, May 10th.  The students were sensational and received a ton of standing ovations and applause from the happy audience. Congratulations must be given to Ms. Schwarz for being an amazing leader to these children. She brings out the best in them. We also have to say thank you to Mrs. Simmons Alvarez for being Ms. Schwarz right hand, Ms. Butera for the costume coordination, Assistant Principal Neil Rosenblatt at Forest Hills High School for his endless support of our arts department. Ms Shikowitz for her choral direction, the 5 AMAZING young ladies who make up our stage crew, Mr. Blanco for being the straw that stirs the drink, Ms. Napolitano for her flawless leadership of all our arts department and of course the big man in charge Mr. Suraci who without his leadership none of the amazing experiences and education our families receive here at Halsey would happen.

The students will be performing 2 more shows for our feeder schools. 5th grade students from PS 196, PS 175, PS 220, PS 206, and PS 80 will be coming to Halsey Friday, May 11th to see whats in store for them if they come to Halsey next school year.

MathCON is an innovative mathematics platform, including a competition series and educational resources and opportunities for students and educators, developed to enhance mathematics education.

This year, 52,000 students participated nationwide, and 576 students advanced to the Finals Competition this past Saturday, May 5, at UIC Forum in Chicago, IL. Among the 576, three students from JHS 157!


Congratulations to Matthew Ferencz, Rena Chen and Timothy Wang on competing in Chicago this past weekend! And a special Congratulations to Matthew who received an honorable mention!

Special Thank You to Ms. Soberman and Ms. Brady for taking on this wonderful adventure for our students and being fantastic leaders.

We would like to congratulate Christelle Diab of class 623 for being chosen as the winner of the 112th pct. Community Council Poster Contest.

We would also like to congratulate Maya Villegas of class 622 for receiving Honorable Mention.

All artwork and posters will be on display at Queens Borough Hall. All participating students and their families were invited to a special reception dinner at Queens Borough Hall on May 10th at 7 pm.

Check out a few pics below….

Ms. Shikowitz and members of the Select Chorus performed at the District 27, 28, and 29 Intra-District Conference last Friday. The intra-district conference consists of Parent Coordinators from all 3 districts as well as the Superintendents, Family Support Coordinators, and Family Leadership Coordinators.  The Select Chorus sang 3 songs and blew us all away. Here is the video….

Thank you to all our parents who participated in all our Parent Engagement Trips this year. This last Saturday was the 3rd and final trip to the Intrepid Air, Sea and Space Museum.

Family Fitness night takes place May 31st 2018. Please click on the link below to sign up.


What an amazing turnout for our Chess Club led by Mr. Freydin. With Mr. Freydin coaching the students there is no doubt they will become incredible chess players.
Check out the quick video of the students on their first day below:

Do you like to write stories?
Do you write poems or song lyrics?
Do you enjoy illustrating or creating comic strips?

Come join Halsey’s new creative writing club!

Click for Flyer     Click for Permission Slip


We need as many volunteers as possible to make this better for the students.  There is a link to a survey to fill out out below. The survey is going to help us identify the different careers, the availability for each day and the necessary items needed to make a presentation.

If you send this out to family and friends and they are interested in participating, please have them fill out the survey with their contact information and availability and respond by FRIDAY, MAY 5TH so we can start gathering and planning.

The following link is the survey:

May 15th – High School Application Process Meeting for 7th Grade Families – 6:00 pm
May 21st -Spring Chorus Concert – 7:00 pm
May 24th – Spring Band Concert – 7:00 pm
May 28th – Memorial Day – Schools Closed
May 30th – Drama Senior Showcase – 7:00 pm
May 31st – Family Fitness Night – 7:00 pm


Parent Coordinators Weekly Update

Stephen A. Halsey JHS 157
Parent Coordinator Weekly Update

What an amazing, exciting, exhausting, exhilarating, and did I say amazing…week here at Halsey JHS 157.

We have to start off by informing everyone know that we were visited by the new NYC Schools Chancellor Mr. Richard Carranza. We went on two trips – one to the Intrepid Air, Sea, and Space Museum and we took the students from our upcoming Musical “Once On This Island” to see the Broadway show “Once On This Island” and what a magical moment that took place. We had our NYS Math Exam’s and we survived plus a lot more.

Your very lovable Parent Coordinator will be out of the building all day Friday, May 4th at a conference.

Halsey JHS 157 Welcomes
NYC Schools Chancellor Richard Carranzo

NYC Schools Chancellor Richard Carranzo visited Halsey JHS 157 on Monday, April 30th 2018. Chancellor Carranzo was greeted by a number of Halsey students, Principal Suraci, District 28 Superintendent Mabel Sarduy and listened to an amazing performances from our Jazz band and Select Chorus.

Here are some pics and videos

Rehearsal Schedule for Week of May 6 –Tech & Show week-

Sun.May 6 Mon. May 7 Tues.May 8 Wed. May 9 Thurs, May 10 Friday May 11
Dress & Tech Rehearsal
Dress & Tech
Dress & Tech
Dress & Tech Rehearsal 2:30-5:30/6pm Costume & Makeup
7th & 8th period
Final Dress Rehearsal  3-5pm
Dinner Break-5-6pm
Costume & Make up touch up 6-7
7pm – SHOWTIME!!!
Encore Performance
9:30 & 11am(7:30 am call time for costumes &  makeup)

Please keep in mind that while we will try to end on time, rehearsals may run a bit over as we are continuously to revising and refining our performance work.  A famous Director saying during rehearsals is: “ONE MORE TIME!!!”

Since rehearsals are running longer, we will continue taking a quick break and ordering PIZZA!   If you would like to get pizza, please bring $2.50 for each slice(including cost of delivery). But please bring your own water.  (Water is better for you!)

Weekend Rehearsals are long, but necessary as we have a lot to do and can get a lot done. To make Saturday Rehearsals more fun for every one, please bring snacks items to share, such as donuts, cookies, granola bars, chips, fruit,juice, water,etc.  We will also order pizza.  

Parents- Please understand, after the performance is done on May 10, we will need at least 20-30 minutes to have all the actors return to the Dressing room, change, put their costumes away, clean up and reset the stage for the following mornings performance. We are a team and we need everyone to help!


PI – 5 New York Cities Largest Team Based Math Competition

Saturday, April 28th at The Armory, 216 Fort Washington Avenue (at 168th Street) in Manhattan.

Following an Olympic-style opening ceremony – complete with the parade of Mathletes and the raising of the official Pi-nata – each team pits their wits and math skills against others in their grade/division in a 45 minute competition.

There are a number of different problems with point values ranging from 100-500 points – meaning that, as well as answering as many as you can correctly, teams have to strategize how many hard/easy ones to attempt. The team with the highest score wins their division.

Once On This Island Students Go See
Once On This Island On Broadway!

The Halsey JHS 157 PTA organized a trip for our students who are performing in the musical Once On This Island (May 10th 2018 7 PM  – Tickets are on sale for $5 in the cafeteria beginning Thursday). 

The students were able to stay in the theater after the show ended and take some pics inside (which was not allowed to the general public. The show was amazing and the students had a terrific time up till that moment and then the MAGIC happened.

The Halsey students went outside and were able to meet a number of actors and actresses from the show and get pictures and autographs.

All of a sudden our students decided to serenade the cast and this happened:

Students at JHS 157 will have the opportunity to participate in our Parkour physical fitness program.  Parkour  includes running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling and quadrupedal movement.  Parkour involves using various movements to navigate the environment.  Creative Movement is collaborating with JHS 157 to provide our students with this wonderful opportunity to enjoy physical fitness in a new and exciting way.

Parkour will take place each Monday afternoon from 2:30PM-4:30PM here at JHS 157.  The program will begin on Monday, May 7, 2018 and will continue through June 11, 2018.  If a students registers to participate in the program, it is expected that the child will attend each session.

Sessions are as follows: 5/7, 5/14, 5/21, 6/4, 6/11

Please click below for the permission slip. Fill it out and return it to the main office ASAP



We need as many volunteers as possible to make this better for the students.  There is a link to a survey to fill out out below. The survey is going to help us identify the different careers, the availability for each day and the necessary items needed to make a presentation.

If you send this out to family and friends and they are interested in participating, please have them fill out the survey with their contact information and availability and respond by FRIDAY, MAY 5TH so we can start gathering and planning.

The following link is the survey:


We need as many volunteers as possible to make this better for the students.  There is a link to a survey to fill out out below. The survey is going to help us identify the different careers, the availability for each day and the necessary items needed to make a presentation.

If you send this out to family and friends and they are interested in participating, please have them fill out the survey with their contact information and availability and respond by FRIDAY, MAY 5TH so we can start gathering and planning.

The following link is the survey:

Chess Club – See Mr. Freydin
Yoga with a Twist – See Ms. Palmieri
Parkour – See Mr. Suraci
Soccer/Football – See Mr. Kagen
Creative Writing – See Mrs. Mager


Halsey Parent/Student VOLUNTEER Opportunity

Dear Halsey Parents,

Many parents in our school community work and have not been able to volunteer to help at our past fundraisers which have taken place at school during the day.

We are hoping to get parent volunteers to help support selling snacks/concessions at the evening events below. You can volunteer to sign up for one or more dates! It’s pretty simple, all you have to do is be at the school on that date and man a table to sell drinks (water) and snacks and candy (various) during these events. If you can’t be there on these dates but can pickup and deliver to the school water and snacks, or have connections to get businesses to donate water bottles and snacks, that would be great also!

April 17th – Parent Workshop 7PM (setup an hour before)
May 10th – Once On This Island Musical & Art Gallery in Cafeteria 5:30PM (setup an hour before)
May 15th – High School Night for 7th Grade Families 6PM (setup an hour before)
May 21st – Chorus Concert 7PM (setup an hour before)
May 30th – Senior Drama Showcase 6PM (setup an hour before)

This is also a great way your child (and their friends) can help volunteer and earn community service credits. NOTE: There MUST be one responsible adult present at each event since there is money transaction involved.

Let us know if YOU can HELP!

Thank you,
Halsey PTA Exec Board
Emily, Vicky, Stephanie, Rob and Victoria

Parent Coordinator Weekly Update

Parent Coordinator Weekly Update

So I was thinking to myself “what will I do if we have a slow week and do not have much to report back on?”  Then I realized that is impossible because something is always happening at Halsey JHS 157. We have an update on our Musical which takes place later in the school year, we have ELA and Math updates, Box Tops updates, Volleyball updates, PARENT SURVEYS, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society update, and so much more.

(Left to Right) Super Girl Schiano, Wonder Woman Lisa, Superman Suraci, Bat Woman Napolitano,
God of Thunder Dechongkit

This week I had the opportunity to sit in some meetings and see our Assistant Principals in action. I cannot tell you how amazing our faculty is. You will not find a stronger team of Assistant Principals than the ones we have here at Halsey with Mrs. Lisa, Mrs. Schiano, Mrs. Napolitano, and Mr. Dechongkit. You see that picture above? It is accurate. Each one of our AP’s and Principal is a Superhero. The amount of responsibility they have undertaken and the high level of performance they give back is admirable.

Halsey JHS 157 and our students are truly blessed to have such an amazing leadership team.

parent surveys are coming!

Survey administration opens on February 12, 2018 and runs through March 23, 2018.

It is imperative that all parents complete the school survey once it is available. The results help us make the necessary changes the school and students need for the future.

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Fundraiser (LLS) began this past Monday and you will not believe how amazing the Halsey Community is. Our school goal provided by LLS was $2,018. As of writing this we have raised over $4500 with about 2 weeks to go. The level of pride I have in our students, families, and faculty is tremendous. Everyone should be very proud of themselves. 

On Tuesday, February 13th 2018 Halsey will be hosting the Stuck for a Buck Day where students can donate a dollar to LLS and receive a piece of duct tape. If they donate $3 they will receive 3 pieces of duct tape and so forth. The students will be duct taping a couple of teachers to the wall after school! It is a fun way to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the students will have a blast doing it.

In order to facilitate this event in an orderly manner tickets will be sold to purchase the duct tape. Each grade will have a set day as to when they can purchase their tickets that they can turn in for the duct tape the day of the event.

6th Grade – Tuesday, February 6th
7th Grade – Wednesday, February 7th
8th Grade – Thursday, February 8th

LLS provided us with a couple of pictures from other schools who have done Stuck for a Buck:

Its gonna be a lot of fun so make sure to send in some dollar bills with your children on February 13th!

The PTA will be hosting a fundraiser next week. The Chocolate Lollipop and Bake Sale will take place on Monday, February 12th and Tuesday, February 13th during the students lunch periods. The lollipops are home baked and will cost $2 each.The lollipops will be distributed on Valentines Day – Wednesday, February 14th.

The next PTA meeting will take place on Tuesday, February 13th at 7:00am.

The next SLT meeting will take place on Wednesday, February 14th at 7:15am.

ELA and Math Test Prep have begun this week.

ELA will be on Wednesdays after school from 2:20 pm until 4:30 pm
Math will be on Thursdays after school from 2:20 pm until 4:30 pm

All students should have received their room assignments from their teachers already. If they have not received their room assignments please have them speak to their ELA and or Math teacher.

So the big reveal came out that Ms. Schwarz and her amazing students will be performing Once on This Island. We will be posting weekly updates regarding the rehearsal schedule. Please check it out below:

Mon. Feb.5 Tues. Feb 6 Wed. Feb.7 Thurs. Feb 8
All Cast & Ensemble
Dance- 2:30-4:30pm
All Cast & Ensemble
Acting- 2:30-4pm
All Cast & Ensemble
Vocal- 2:30-3:45pm
Chorus Room

Please keep in mind that while we will try to end on time, rehearsals may run a bit over as we are continuously to revising and refining our performance work.  A famous Director saying during rehearsals is:“ONE MORE TIME!!!”

Congratulations to classes 694, 794, and 994 for their outstanding play in the Adapted Phys-Ed Volleyball Tournament for District 28. They played against 5 other schools at MS. 74 in Bayside.

The A-Team won the Gold Medal and the B-Team won Silver. We are very proud of them all.

Some News From Band and Chorus

The following students  participated in MEANYC Middle School All-County Music Festival this weekend:

Band Students
Tanis Mui
Madeleine Noreen
Rena Chen
Jonathan Khaimov
Cullen Anderson 
Julie Grandchamp
Joseph Rubenov
Congratulations to them all!
Chorus Students

Emma Maseng 823

Sophia Kumar 821

Emily Degennaro 824

Sena Ucaroglu 823

Olivia Rikabi 822

Maejie Balansag 825

Lukas Galfano 807

Anushka Sharma 824

Aliza Sayed 724

Khando Shyiganyingpa 726

Ruvy Chigiji 721

Sofia Barrenechea 721

Computer Talents News

Several students that placed 1st and 2nd from our Halsey Hackathon in December, had the opportunity to compete borough-wide this weekend at Queens College with the CS4ALL Hack League.  Here are some pictures:

The results are in for Halsey’s Box Top Challenge!

Our first place homeroom winners are…

6th grade: Ms. Patel’s 623 homeroom class with 324 box tops

7th grade: Ms. Daresta’s 726 homeroom class with 254 box tops

8th grade: Mr. Lober’s 824 homeroom class with 334 box tops

We collected over 3000 box tops school wide. Thanks to everyone who participated!

A few of our Social Studies classes were visited on Friday by Alexander Hamilton Monaco.


February 12th and 13th – PTA Chocolate Lollipop Fundraiser

February 13th – PTA Meeting – 7:00 PM

February 14th – SLT Meeting – 7:15 AM

February 14th – Chocolate Lollipop Distribution

February 16th – February 25th – Mid-Winter Recess

February 18th – Halsey Bulldog Robotics Competition @ The Dalton School

Parent Coordinator Weekly Update

Stephen A. Halsey JHS 157

Parent Coordinator Weekly Update

Hi Halsey Family. It has been a pretty quiet week. We do have a couple of things to update you on but I would like to start by taking a look back at an amazing 5 months here at Halsey.

Our Principal Mr. Suraci has been instrumental in making sure Halsey JHS 157 and its students are engaged, prepared to tackle the challenge of education are thinking about empathy. Under his guidance we have been able to host a number of fundraisers and events to help the young people understand what empathy means – the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Mr. Suraci has also stressed how important school pride and being involved in extra-curricular activities can be. Along with his Assistant Principals, Guidance Counselors, Deans, Teachers, School Aides, Secretaries, Custodians, Security, and even his Parent Coordinator, Halsey has been able to achieve a lot this year and set high standards for our school community.

Here is a list of what we have accomplished and are currently hosting for the 2017-2018 school year:

  • We hosted a Toy Drive raising 8 large garbage bags full of unopened new toys for the Hantz Family Foundation.
  • We hosted a Food Drive collecting over 500 pounds of Food for the needy with City Harvest.
  • We are raising money for the school using Box Tops and the Shoparoo App.
  • Our Guidance Counselors worked with Mr. Suraci on our Respect for All week.
  • The PTA has worked closely with our Principal as they hosted a number of fundraisers for the school as well, including:
    • The Chipotle event
    • Candy Cane sale
    • Election Day Bake sale
    • Lemon Ice King sale
    • The upcoming Chocolate Heart Lollipop sale
    • The Spirit Wear sale which shows our school pride.


  • Mr. Suraci worked with Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz to get the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus back at Halsey.

Halsey has provided a number of after-school activities including

  • Math Team & Math Club
  • Debate Team & Debate Club
  • Robotics Team
  • MOUSE Squad
  • Peer Mediation Program
  • Girls Volleyball Team
  • Boys & Girls Basketball Teams
  • Cooking Club
  • Gingerbread House Challenge – (STEM)
  • Halsey Hack-A-Thons
  • Hosted the 2018 Martin Luther King Jr. Math Competition
  • Chorus and Band Concerts
  • Trip to see the movie Wonder
  • Parent Engagement Trips
    • Queens County Farm
    • One World Observatory
    • USS Intrepid Air, Sea, and Space Museum
  • Flag Football
  • Ballroom Dancing
  • College Awareness Program
  • Spirit Week
  • Halloween Party
  • Crazy Sweater Day
  • Select Chorus & Inter-Generational Choir
  • Jazz Band
  • NYS ELA & Math Test Prep
  • 6th Grade Study Skills Program
  • GSA Program – Gay/Straight Alliance
  • AND Mr. Suraci will be chaperoning our Language Departments trip to Spain!

We are thrilled to say that we have 3 more amazing fundraisers that are about to go down. I have e-mailed everyone about them but just a quick refresher:

1. St. Jude Math-A-Thon – Our students will use math and help raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
2. Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – In honor of one of our 8th grade students will be raising money to help fight cancer.
3. Coat Drive – Coats can be donated and brought in to the collection box in the lobby by the auditorium.

Throw in the daily grind of what a Principal needs to do and be on top of and we have one spectacular leader here at Halsey JHS 157…….And we still have 5 months left before the end of the school year! Nothing gets done without the guidance, support, and leadership of our Principal Mr. Suraci.

Mr. Suraci would like to introduce everyone to the Halsey JHS 157 Bulldog MASCOT!!!! He does not have a name yet but will soon when we host a Mascot Naming Contest in the Spring! Send along any suggestions your children have for names and maybe it will win!


Access for Young Women (AFYW) is now in its 24th
year of providing valuable leadership opportunities
to young women ages 11-18. The program has
demonstrated proven results in increasing girl’s selfesteem,
academic performance, leadership skills, and
knowledge of gender issues.

AFYW provides an intensive 30 week leadership
development curriculum that includes training in
public speaking, problem solving, goal setting and
critical thinking. The young women also address
important issues affecting their lives such as body
image, identity, global issues, relationships, and
social media. The program culminates with an
Annual Youth Leadership Conference organized and
facilitated by the young women to educate their
peers and spread awareness on issues of importance
to them.

Interested participants may apply by emailing Sarah
Faber, Leadership Coordinator at
for an application.

Questions? 718-592-5757 x221 & ask for Sarah

Please click here for the flyer
Please click here for the registration form


All coats/jackets that have been in the lost and found for over 3 weeks will be donated to the coat drive. Please have your children stop by the Lost and Found as soon as possible to check for lost coats/jackets

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Fundraiser Update

The goal assigned to Halsey JHS 157 by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Soceity was $2,018 for the year 2018. Our fundraiser is due to begin on Monday, June 29th but we sent out all the materials and collection boxes early so we got a head start. We have already raised almost $1000!!!!!!

KUDOS go out to Mrs. Forgione’s class 603 for raising over $300 so far and major PROPS go out to Mr. Sarris’ 723 class for raising over $200 so far. We even had two 8th grade students raise over $75 just by themselves within their own building.

Those totals are just 2 classes and 2 students. I have not collected and counted over 40 boxes for this week yet. We are so proud of the students at Halsey JHS 157. Keep up the great work!

For the second straight year Mr. Suraci brought in the Peer Mediation Program in collaboration with the NYC Commission for Human Rights.

The focus of the program was to train students to be peer mediators and dispute resolution specialists, which would be a great addition to their school and community.  Benefits of this program include the ability to resolve conflicts and prevent future disputes, cultivating life skills such as patience, persistence, active listening, and problem solving to increase self-esteem.  By modeling effective alternatives to violence and threats, students promote greater tolerance, empathy, and understanding.

The training process consisted of eight training sessions, with a graduation ceremony on the ninth week.  Upon completion students were certified as peer mediators, and will be given the opportunity to serve as mediators in Halsey, should dispute resolution situations arise.  The program facilitators were Mrs. Martello and Mr. Freydin.

The ceremony was fantastic and seeing the young people displaying a sense of accomplishment and a willingness to help their fellow peers was truly a wonderful sight to see. To say we are proud of them is an understatement.

We have to give so much credit to Mr. Freydin and Mrs. Martello as they guided the students through this 9 week process. We should all be proud of Mr. Freydin & Mrs. Martello and what they helped our students accomplish.

The 2017-2018 Halsey JHS 157 Peer Mediators: Cait Dory

Samayra Diaz

Samantha Diaz

Audrey Peng

Jack Gold

Isaac Iskhakov

Nicolas Guana

Mohammad Huraira

Bryan Wang

Rami Mansi

Vivianne Bednarek

Yangzom Noga Tenzin

Tejashwi Karki

Isabella Dzhanov

Eve Yuabov

Magalis Vinas


Halsey was visited by one of our retired teachers – Mr. Elliot Berkowitz. Mr. Berkowitz was a Science teacher for 33 years here at Halsey. He shared so many great stories as he toured the school and remembered me from my days here as a student.

Welcome Home Mr. Berkowitz.


January 26th – St. Jude Math-A-Thon Begins

January 29th – Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Fundraiser Begins

January 31st – Report Cards Distributed

January 31st – ELA Test Prep Begins (2:45 PM – 4:30 PM)

February 1st – Math Test Prep Begins (2:45 PM- 4:30 PM)

February 12th and 13th – PTA Chocolate Lollipop Fundraiser

February 13th – PTA Meeting – 7:00 PM

February 14th – SLT Meeting – 7:15 AM

February 14th – Chocolate Lollipop Distribution

February 16th – February 25th – Mid-Winter Recess

Halsey Animal Rescue/Wildlife Conservation Hackathon

On Saturday, Dec. 2nd, we held our annual Halsey Spring Hackathon.  This year’s theme featured Animal Rescue/Wildlife Conservation!  The students were given the task of creating a game or public service announcement to promote awareness of their topic.    The students researched a variety of animals and found information on how various organizations help with rescue and rehabilitation. They created their programs in Scratch (http// which is an introductory computer science/programming site that teaches students block programming,  Students worked in groups throughout the day and presented their final projects at the end!  Parents came to see the presentations and Alumni students from SEP came to help judge with out special guest, Ms. Lori Stahl Van-Brackle, our former SEP teacher.  The day was a huge success!

Special Thanks to Ms. Schwarz, Ms. Quinones-Seda, Ms. Shikowitz,and  Ms. Pignataro

The 1st place winners will also have the opportunity to compete with the CS4ALL Hackleague and all groups will be eligible to submit their groups to Games 4 Change Student Challenge!  For more information, contact Ms P Elfers @ to all!!

1st Place Winners – Hackathon for the Good of the World –

Mabel Chan

Hannah Rothleder

Ryan Eng

2nd Place – Save the Ivory Billed Woodpeckers –
Make games, stories and interactive art with Scratch. (


Rachel Muratova

Safarbek Nassry

Wilson Li

3rd Place – A Penguin’s Life –
Make games, stories and interactive art with Scratch. (


Zachary Habert

Emile Romero

Gryphon Lee

Nicholas Gauna

Support Halsey PTA Annual Appeal

Dear Halsey Parents,

Please, consider #Giving to your child’s school! As of today, about 75 families representing the 1,600 children enrolled have sent in donations.

If only we could get more people to donate, even just a little, we could achieve our fundraising goal!

It’s easy, just send in a check with your child with the voucher attached (halsey-pta-annual-appeal-letter-2017-18), or donate via PayPal or Credit Card by clicking on this link!

PTA Annual Appeal

Your Halsey PTA supports all the JHS 157 students, teachers, and administration by providing funds for various school activities. ALL donations will go towards Halsey’s programs and children. Some of the programs your generous donations go to include Band (repairing instruments), support for the Drama Club, air conditioners for the classrooms, buses for the basketball teams, anti-bullying and leadership programs, and so much more. Please consider helping by donating. Every penny counts.

If you have not done so already, you can make a donation via Paypal. (You can use your credit card; you do not need your own Paypal account.)

Or, please download and fill out the PTA Annual Appeal Letter. Thank you in advance!

Get Involved with the PTA!

Dear Parents,

We were so glad to see many of you at Tuesday nights PTA meeting! As you know, the best way to help your child get the most out of their education is to be an involved parent.

Upcoming PTA Events:

9/26 Open School Night Snack and Spirit Wear Sale (evening)
9/29 Lemon Ice Sale (during all lunch periods)
10/20 Picture Day (during day)
12/13,12/14, 2/15 Candy Cane Sale (during all lunch periods)

Ongoing PTA Committees:

8th grade Committee
Membership Committee
Fundraising Committee
Budget Committee
Translation Services

If you can volunteer for any of these mentioned events or committees OR if you have any IDEAS and are willing to take the lead on any events, please contact the Halsey PTA at! We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the next PTA meeting on October 10th.

Enjoy this day,

PTA Executive Board