Halsey Mouse Squad Emoti-Con Team News

On Saturday, June 18th, several MOUSE Squad students participated in the Emoti-Con Challenge. ” Emoti-Con is NYC’s biggest showcase for young designers, makers, technologists, and tinkerers who believe in digital innovation as a tool for positive change in the world around them.”  Our team designed a Lego Robot that is capable of identifying color, temperature and can lift various objects.  Here’s  the students’ description:  “ PROJΣCT S.I.G.M.A. is a robot that is made to help make daily tasks for the elderly, people with disabilities, or just about anyone, easier. The inspiration of this project was the idea of having a pet like robot in someone’s house for companionship, that has evolved into a “servant” like robot. We will use an EV3 mindstorm and an Arduino.”

The students won for Most Innovative Project!  Congratulations to team members:  Amar Maksumic, Benjamin Buxton, Mabel Chen, Attila Hegyes, Christian Diaz, Ryan Eng (Photos below) Ishita Gupta, Hannah Rothleder, and Bryan W (not in attendance).

Halsey Designathon/Hackathon

The Spring Halsey Hackathon featured a Designathon this past Saturday.  Students were given a social issue to promote via graphic design editing tools.  They were introduced to Graphic Design Principles and Graphic Design software.  Posters were created by groups that addressed a social issue.  Students were judged in the following categories and the winners are listed below.  

Congratulations to all of our participants!  Special Thanks to Ms. Hubbard, Ms. Schwarz, Ms Shikowitz, Ms. Quinones, Ms. Puhl, and Mr. Zevon for all their help!!

Artistic:  Highly original and creative (use of graphic design software use was evident)
Topic: Bullying

Elliot  Zakoff – 831
Fardeen Khan – 804

Social Impact:  Raises awareness of an overlooked or existing social problem or concern
Topic:  Preventing Global Pollution

Christian Diaz – 807
Edward Shao – 732

Balance:  Impressive composition of elements
Topic:  Tampering and Hacking

Saphir Maor – 633
Andrew Rombot – 633

Ready to Print:  Complete and ready for distribution
Topic:  Making Good Choices for the Future for our Planet

Edison Lam – 803
Kushtrim Bardhaj – 803

Select Chorus Shines at NYSSMA Judging

Congratulations to Ms. Shikowitz and the Select Chorus! The JHS 157 Select Chorus went to their NYSSMA evaluation today and earned “gold with distinction” — for the second year in a row, even with the chorus moving up to a higher level of difficulty this year. These kids are incredible!

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Select Chorus Sings at Queens Borough Arts Festival, May 23rd

Congratulations to the Select Chorus for being accepted into the Queens Borough Arts Festival! The students were selected after a competitive audition process, and filled one of the two slots open for performers. The event will be held at the Queens Museum from 5:00-8:00 PM on May 23rd. Come and see them perform towards the beginning of the festival. No tickets needed!

JHS 157 Students Performing in the All County Music Festival!

The MEANYC All-County Middle School Music Festival is an intensive 2-day musical experience for top middle school band and chorus students from throughout New York City. Students receive the music before the festival, then rehearse together Friday evening and Saturday morning. The concert is that Saturday afternoon. In order to prepare, our participating students have rehearsed with their music teacher, Ms. Wolff or Ms. Shikowitz.

The concert is at Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, 357 Clermont Avenue, Brooklyn. It will be Saturday February 4 at 3 pm. Tickets are $10 and sold at the door.

A special congratulations to our talented boys and girls as well as Ms. Wolff and Ms. Shikowitz! ‎The entire Halsey community is invited to attend.

Announcing the Halsey Hackathon Winners…

Halsey Hackathon participants, January 28, 2017

The Halsey Technology Department held its Hackathon on Saturday, January 28th from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., with parents joining the group at 2:45 in the auditorium for the presentation and awards ceremony.

The winning teams included:

Best Candy Company: Character Pops

Best Presentation: Spicy Suckers

Most Complex Code: Kandy Stix

Most User Friendly: Geo Pops

Crowd Favorite: Sweet Tooth

Many thanks and congratulations to everyone who participated!

QXSH Social Hackathon

On Saturday, December 10, two of Halsey’s 6th graders and their parents participated in the Queens Experience Social Hackathon (QXSH) at Campus Magnet High School.  Students were given a social problem and asked to address the issue by creating an app for a phone in order to help solve the problem.  Several student teams created apps for health awareness with programs such as MIT’s App Inventor and Just In Mind.  The two  winning teams consisted of Halsey Students and students from other schools.  1st place team member from Halsey – Sergei from class 631 , and 2nd place team member, Yuga of class 622.  Congratulations to both teams!


Queens Experience Social Hackathon

This past Saturday, a team consisting of mother and daughter, Ishita and Jigyasa, competed in the Queens Experience Social Hackathon (QXSH  Social Hackathon).  The Hackathon consisted of parent/guardian/child teams from Districts 27, 28 and 29 held at Springfield Gardens Campus.  They had a wonderful experience, in fact, Ishita will be volunteering at the next QXSH on Dec. 10th.  Other parent/guardian teams are invited to attend by contacting Ms. P. Elfers at pelfers@schools.nyc.gov for information and registration.


“Social hackathons use the problem-solving-sprint workflow of a traditional hack, but changes the stakeholders and creation tools to create a more inclusive environment. The Queens Experience Social Hackathons are designed to engage and expose communities to computer science. NYC high school and middle school students will work with their parent to form teams that will be challenged to create a positive and lasting social change within their community using computer science principles and entrepreneurship. With the support of volunteer mentors and CS4All staff, teams will create a working prototype for a mobile device, a philanthropic business plan, and a promotional kit that addresses social and economic issues in their community. The fall QXSH series will be held on Saturday November 19th and Saturday December 10th at Springfield Gardens Campus and the Campus Magnet Education Complex respectively, with a focus on high school and middle school student communities.” See QXSH for additional details.