Drug Prevention/Vaping & Juuling Awareness Workshop – Monday, April 8th at 7:00pm

Together as a community we strive to build awareness in our youngsters; awareness that supports understanding choices and making informed decisions to ensure positive, life-long outcomes.

Awareness is an integral component of our school’s anti-drug program. This Monday, April 8th, our students will participate in a drug awareness assembly facilitated by an organization called Vive18. Some of the topics that will be covered include understanding the negative impact of drugs, alcohol, vaping, juuling and negative peer pressure; as well as the importance of personal leadership and positive social norming. Vive18 works with middle school through college aged students. This program is designed for our students’ age group.

We are also hosting a parent/guardian workshop with Vive18 on the same topics this Monday, April 8th at 7PM in our school auditorium. We urge all parents/guardians to join us for this very important meeting and presentation (bring your child too!)

Anyone interested in attending the workshop please send an RSVP to Mr. Zevon at MZevon@schools.nyc.gov so we can reserve a seat.

I hope to see everyone this Monday evening at 7PM!

(Who is Vive18? Born out of the drug-free college movement “Party-0 ” Vive18 is a peer-led, sustainable prevention program for teens. They present and educate on substance abuse/substance abuse prevention and leadership. To learn more about Vive18 and their amazing speakers check out their website at https://www.vive18.com/ )

Parent Teacher Conferences & High School Informational Workshop – Tuesday, March 26

Our next round of Parent Teacher Conferences will take place on Tuesday, March 26th in two sessions:

12:30 pm – 3:00 pm
5:00 pm – 7:30 pm

7:30 pm – High School Informational Workshop

Immediately following the Parent Teacher Conferences we will be hosting a High School Informational Workshop in the Auditorium. The workshop is geared toward 7th grade families who will begin to prepare for the high school application process but all families are welcome to attend.

Click below for the
Parent Teacher Conference Letter

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Parent Teacher Conference Room Chart 03-26-2019

March Madness – March 28th 2019

On Thursday, March 28th from 3:00 pm until 5:00 pm Halsey JHS 157 will continue our College Access for All program. Tickets will cost $5 and can be purchased in the school cafeteria during lunch starting Monday, March 25th. 

We will have a 4 team basketball tournament coached by faculty. Teams will be represented by the following Colleges:

North Carolina – Mr. Angelastro
Duke – Mr. Suh & Ms. Palmieri
St. Johns – Mr. Lober
Kentucky – Mr. Plummer

We will have some very special guests throughout the day as well. The Harlem Magic Masters will be in attendance to speak with the students during the school day. They will also perform an amazing halftime show during the Student Tournament!!!


Stuck for a Buck

As you know we have kicked off our Leukemia & Lymphoma Society fundraiser. After only 2 days of collecting we have raised over $1600.

We will be hosting an event called Stuck for a Buck on Wednesday, March 20th at 2:30pm in the school cafeteria. What is Stuck for a Buck? Students can come to the office of Mr. Zevon and purchase a ticket for $1 or 5 tickets for $5 and so forth…on March 20th the students will exchange each ticket for a long piece of duct tape. The students will use the duct tape to tape their teacher to the wall. A number of teachers will volunteer and the students will vote on which teachers get selected.

Its a fun way to raise money for an awesome charity. Please consider sending your children in with any spare money you have to purchase tickets for the big event.

OH – TEACHERS CAN PARTICIPATE TOO!!!! I mean who doesnt want to duct tape Ms. Stillwell to the wall? I know Mrs. Astorga said she does! I think I heard Mr. Lober say something about wanting to Duct Tape Mr. Freydin to the wall.

TICKETS ARE $1 each and you can purchase unlimited tickets and share with your friends. Here are some pics from last year of Mrs. Martello and Mr. Suh:

Music Educators Association of New York City

The following students participated in this past weekend’s MEANYC (Music Educators Association of New York City) All-County Middle School Festival. The top students are nominated by their teachers to participate in this performance. They represented Halsey and played with the best middle school musicians in the city. They only rehearsed Friday night and Saturday morning, and performed in an AMAZING concert Saturday, February 2nd.

Ruvy Chigiji 823
Sofia Barrenechea 821
Aliza Sayed 824
Helenica Harte 825
Carly Petot 826
Natella Yagudayeva 832
Alix Cohen 723
Lyndsey Royce 721
Olivia Yaffe 726
Cienna London 726
Jazz Ensemble
Maya Held (alto saxophone)
Matthew Ferencz (trumpet)
Waka Yoshimura (alto saxophone)
Concert Band
Ann Hsieh (flute)
Madeleine Noreen (bassoon)
Kirsten Moy (percussion)
Jayden McManhan (trumpet)
Amelia Jacobson-Yang (clarinet)
Emily Koprowski (clarinet
Clayton Frank (tuba)

Special Education Dance Recital

Mrs. Gruet has been working tirelessly with our Special Education students on a wonderful dance performance. Each class learned a dance based off a story they learned. Here we have Mrs. Ador’s class 794 doing a performance about Grasshoppers and Ants which brought tears to my eyes.

The sense of accomplishment the students feel, the pride they see in their parents faces, the happiness they showed as they hugged each other at the end was priceless.

Please enjoy class 794’s performance.