Auditions for LaGuardia High School

 LaGuardia High School is a specialized High School for the arts.·       This year LaGuardia has their own application on your main page (also        known as your dashboard)·       You must complete the application AND attend or submit your audition to be considered.·       LaGuardia also has a minimum academic requirement that must be met.·       Application and audition submission deadline for LaGuardia High School is December, 1st 2023.How to Audition

  • All audition programs, including LaGuardia High School, offer virtual auditions. Virtual auditions can be uploaded into your MySchools account before the December 1 deadline. You canview this video to learn how to upload an audition through the Additional Materials section of their MySchools account. The deadline to submitis Friday, December 1, 2023.
  • Some programs are also offering the option to do an audition in person. Please use the link below to see Audition Options by school to see the programs offering in-personauditions.
  • High schools evaluate virtualauditions and in-person auditions equally and consistently so students donot have an advantage or disadvantage auditioning one way or another.

Audition Components

  • All high schools – including LaGuardia – use the same audition components for each arts discipline(such as visual art or dance). This means that if you want to apply to, say, three dance programs, you would only need to submit one dance audition.
  • Students will be asked to prepare the same audition components whether they are auditioning inperson or virtually.