9th Grade at Halsey 2023-2024

Dear Parents/Guardians of Current 8th Grade Students:

As we move through the spring semester, we are beginning to plan for next school year. We anticipate having a 9th grade class in September here at JHS 157. The class will depend
on the number of students that choose to remain here with us for their first year of high school.

Our 9th grade offers students the opportunity to take high school level courses and Regents classes in a smaller, supportive environment where our teachers understand our students’ strengths and areas of need. We offer Algebra 1 and Living Environment Biology for 8 periods per week (unlike the usual 5 periods in high school). We also offer Global Studies, high school Spanish as a foreign language, talent and physical education.

Remaining at Halsey is an option for our 8th grade students. Even if your child receives a match to a high school, you may still fill out this form and remain at Halsey for the 9th grade.
Should you wish to discuss this option further, please feel free to contact Mr. Plummer at
APlummer@schools.nyc.gov or at 718-830-4910 ext. 2103.

Click the link below to open the letter/permission slip to stay in Halsey for 9th Grade.

(Please check the appropriate box and return to Mr. Plummer by email or your child may drop it off in person)

Vincent Suraci