8th Grade

Dear 8th Grade Families: Please see the attached upcoming events for your 8th grade students and the permission slip for the prom.

Prom Permission Slip 2018

Upcoming 8th grade events 2018

Cap and Gown Pictures

Below is the schedule for CAP AND GOWN PICTURES for our Graduates. These pictures will be in the Yearbook. Please remind your children to remove any bulky clothing when they put on their Gown (which will be provided by the school) for the pictures. Also, please remind your children that this process will take a long time and run throughout the day and we expect everyone to be on their best behavior during this time.

Individual pictures WITHOUT the cap and gown will be taken on Friday, October 20th, 2017. Children who are purchasing picture packages will be called down to the auditorium throughout the day to get their photos taken.

Monday October 16, 2017
1st N/A
2nd 803 Ms. Asaro
3rd 804 Ms. Sheleg
4th 807 Ms. Hale
5th 805 Mr. Freiden
6th Admin
7th 806 Ms. Sheleg
8th 891 Ms. Ghigleri

Tuesday October 17, 2017
1st 822 Ms. Herox
2nd 823 Ms. Hale
3rd 821 Ms. Calei
4th 825 Gordon
5th 826 Ms. Sartaj
6th Admin
7th 827 Mr. Suh
8th 892 Ms. Mager

Wednesday October 18, 2017
1st 833 Ms. Bennett/Ms. Paladro
2nd 832 Ms. Hajjar
3rd 851 Ms. DeGennaro/ Ms Verv
4th 831 Ms. Pamiery/ Ms. Dimouro
5th 894 Ms. Ador
6th 824 Ms. Hale
7th Admin

Thursday October 19, 2017
1st Period Assembly – CLASS of 2018 Photo – Entire 8th Grade Class (Location – To be determined)

Yearbook Photos

You can now order your yearbooks! You can ONLY order them online!!! Yearbooks are $35 each and if you get them personalized it will cost more. If you have ANY questions, please see Ms. Lamere in room 141 or Mrs. Quinones in room 210. Yearbooks will be delivered to the school in June.

Please follow the directions below:

Go to www.entourageyearbooks.com

Follow the prompts:

  • Click on the “FIND YOUR SCHOOL” tab on the upper right. Type in “Halsey” for school name and click search.
  • Click on the BLUE “Purchase Yearbook” link.
  • Click on the RED “Buy Yearbook” link.
  • Create a log in. Pick the yearbook, or have yours personalized. Remember to print out your Receipt and in the memo area enter your name and class #.
  • Click on CHECKOUT and your are done! Supplies are limited. Make sure you buy yours TODAY before they are all sold out!!!

SHSAT Resources for 8th Graders

The following links are resources to assist students our 8th grade students to prepare for the SHSAT exam. The documents provide an example of the breakdown of the exam, sample practice questions, and answers with explanations. It is recommended that you utilize these materials to prepare yourself or your child for the upcoming exam.