8th Grade Non-Regents Exams

Good afternoon,


I hope this email finds you well.  Thank you for your patience as we navigate the newly released NYS exam guidelines.



Updated NYS Exam Information (please read attached letter for more details):


Letter to Families Updated NYS Exam Information and FAQ


Do exam results “Count” this school year?


*NYS exams results will NOT COUNT towards a student’s promotion to the next grade/ a student’s report card grade/as criteria for selection on the high school application next September/or towards placement in future classes/NYS exam results will have no evaluative value on our school’s NYS Report Card (student performance).


NYS Exams will only be administered in school (no remote exams will be given).  


NEW!!!  ONLY students with a complete permission form on file with our school will take the NYS exam(s)!


* This year, parents/guardians must complete a Permission Form (see survey link below) giving the school permission to administer one/all NYS exams to your child.


ONLY students (both in-person and full remote) with a permission form submitted by a parent/guardian will be tested! 


If you do not wish for your child to take the NYS exams, do nothing else-no need to submit an “opt-out of testing” email or letter to the school.


If your child is in-person (cohort A or B) and you would like for your child to take the NYS ELA and/or Math and/or 8th Grade Science exam(s) on the applicable dates- complete the permission form below:


If your child is full remote (cohort D) and you would like your child to take the NYS ELA and/or Math and/or 8th Grade Science exam(s) complete the permission form below.  In the survey you must also select the day your child will report to school to take the applicable exam.


Permission Form to take NYS Exams Due April 13th:




If you wish for your child to take one/all the NYS exams we must receive your submitted permission form by Tuesday, April 13th.   Students without a submitted permission form on file will not be tested.


Please email me if you have any questions.  VSuraci@schools.nyc.gov



Vincent Suraci

Principal JHS 157