Google Homeroom Directory

The next day of school is Thursday, September 24, 2020. We are following a Day 4 Schedule. All students will be on remote learning until Oct 1st, 2020. All students in Cohort B would have reported to school and would have homeroom. Instead they will attend school remotely and have their homeroom online. On September 25th we will be following a Day 5 schedule – Cohort C will have homeroom.

We know following a fully remote schedule is new to everyone, from our 6th graders that are new to our school to the 9th graders that have been here for three years. To make things easier, we have placed all of your schedules on your homerooms’ Google Classroom pages. You can always access your schedule by visiting your Homeroom classroom page. Please access your class and cohort page by clicking on the corresponding link below.

If you are having trouble accessing your page, the first thing to check is that you accepted your homeroom teacher’s invitation. These invitations can be found in your email accounts. Click here for directions on activating and accessing your account.

Author: mikezevon