Drug Prevention/Vaping & Juuling Awareness Workshop – Monday, April 8th at 7:00pm

Together as a community we strive to build awareness in our youngsters; awareness that supports understanding choices and making informed decisions to ensure positive, life-long outcomes.

Awareness is an integral component of our school’s anti-drug program. This Monday, April 8th, our students will participate in a drug awareness assembly facilitated by an organization called Vive18. Some of the topics that will be covered include understanding the negative impact of drugs, alcohol, vaping, juuling and negative peer pressure; as well as the importance of personal leadership and positive social norming. Vive18 works with middle school through college aged students. This program is designed for our students’ age group.

We are also hosting a parent/guardian workshop with Vive18 on the same topics this Monday, April 8th at 7PM in our school auditorium. We urge all parents/guardians to join us for this very important meeting and presentation (bring your child too!)

Anyone interested in attending the workshop please send an RSVP to Mr. Zevon at MZevon@schools.nyc.gov so we can reserve a seat.

I hope to see everyone this Monday evening at 7PM!

(Who is Vive18? Born out of the drug-free college movement “Party-0 ” Vive18 is a peer-led, sustainable prevention program for teens. They present and educate on substance abuse/substance abuse prevention and leadership. To learn more about Vive18 and their amazing speakers check out their website at https://www.vive18.com/ )