Green Team Update

This past Sunday, 11/11/18, the Green Team assembled to take care of some business.  In short, the Green Team noticed that there were some bare spots and some thin areas in the plantings around the front entrance to our school.  So, the Green Team did what the Green Team does.  The Green Team made it better.

With some help from Zaira’s mother and Alethea’s father (and some kid that kept calling Mr. Weiss “dad”), the Green Team planted over 40 shrubs and perennials as well as over 100 flower bulbs.  The Green Team has promised a burst of color for Spring 2019.

The Green Team is preparing to turn its attention towards other projects.  These projects are of the indoor variety (there has been much complaining about the cold…it isn’t even Winter yet!) such as our hydroponics garden, expanding our Farm-to-Table program and a special, secret project…


Zaira and her mother planting perennials

The Cornell sisters planting shrubs


Sebastian showing us that yes, he can dig

Alethea and her father planting Spring bulbs

Bintu, Brianna and Kadija planting shrubs

Brianna and her sister planting bulbs, and someone…KAY…slacking

Plants in the ground and things are looking better already…except for that weed that Mr. Weiss didn’t pull until after this picture was taken

The girls relaxing on the Green Team’s bench swing after finishing for the day

Way to Go Green Team!!!