April 17th Workshop: How Using Social Media Affects Teenagers

This is a reminder that Halsey JHS 157 will be hosting an AMAZING workshop on April 17th at 7:00pm which will discuss some excellent strategies that can help parents reduce the time spent on social media, smart phones, tablets, and other new technology and get refocused back on education. While the internet and social media can be extremely useful tools for young adults/teens and their parents, these “apps,” instant messaging, chat rooms, texts, emails, and social networking sites can also cause unexpected anxiety and danger for children and their parents. With technology changing daily, parents and teens do not have the right knowledge, and schools and communities are not always able to have the necessary conversations to assist families to make informed decisions about internet and social media safety. We turn that around on April 17 at 7PM here at Halsey JHS 157.

Please read the flyer for full details. We look forward to seeing you there!