Beyond Beautification Update, March 2nd

Halsey’s “Beyond Beautification” project is progressing. We are beginning to implement the plans for Halsey’s green spaces to redesign them to be a setting for educational and experiential opportunities for students and a source of pride for the community as a whole.

Signs have been posted around the school about Halsey’s new “Green Team”. Interested students have already begun to visit Mr. Weiss. Space is limited! If your child is interested in the Green Team, encourage your child to see Mr. Weiss in room B6 during your child’s designated lunch period.

In February, the Halsey PTA voted to support the “Beyond Beautification” project. This generosity is being tapped into right away. Raised planting beds will start to appear in front of our school building. As soon as the weather permits, plants will also appear. Be on the lookout for them!

The Sprint Plant Sale has arrived!

The “Farm to Table” and growing “Green Team” are selling plants to raise money to buy plants for Halsey’s green spaces. Selling plants to buy plants? Is that an example of irony or is it just clever? Where are our ELA teachers? Someone weigh in on this please.

Check out the flyer and online order form!

Flyers will be sent home with students next week.
Please support this fundraiser.

We still need international plant nominations!

Part of the “Beyond Beautification” project’s mission is to create green spaces that “belong” to all of our students. We are seeking to install plants from the more than 50 countries of origin of our students and staff. Please nominate your favorite flower or shrub (sorry, we do not have the space for trees) for inclusion in Halsey’s green spaces.

Nominations may be sent directly to Mr. Weiss at