School Leadership Team (SLT) – February 2017 – Minutes

School Leadership Team – Minutes

February 8, 2017

Minutes of January 11, 2017 meeting approved.

  1. The Kaplan Specialized High School Test Prep program will be continued here at Halsey
  2. 12 sessions in May and June and then continued in September
  3. students will take the exam in school during regular school hours
  4. information will be disseminated to parents in mid-March


  1. High school information evening for parents will be held in mid-March
  2. new and updated information about the new exam
  3. new talent requirements for high schools


  • Test prep for State Exams began in the end of January and is running smoothly
  1. there are approximately 500 students in attendance
  2. the February 9th session will be cancelled for predicted snowstorm
  3. looking into a make-up session prior to the Math Test on March 28th.


  1. Brain Power Wellness program is beginning
  2. program provides strategies to enhance student focus and relieve stress and anxiety and even helps with relaxation for teachers
  3. builds from self-awareness exercises, being positive, creating confidence.
  4. it helps to meet the social-emotional component of our CEP
  5. teachers, beginning with those of special needs students will begin the workshop/training cycle on February 14
  6. program also works to build students’ communication skills
  7. Mr. Suraci had visited an elementary school to see the program in action
  8. program facilitators will visit classrooms of participation teachers


  1. Standardized State exams are approaching
  2. in addition to curriculum instruction, teachers are focusing on confidence boosting and alleviating pressure some students might be facing
  3. some students will be taking 3 Regents exams
  4. proper strategies can be put in place by parents to help organize and prioritize time and improve study habits


  1. BAM Music Program for 8th and 9th graders
  2. Brazilian/Afro-American music residency at Halsey
  3. in-classroom visits; students learning the cultures and history of music
  4. end-of-year trip for participants to the performance center for a concert


  • Regents Test Prep beginning May after the Sate Exams are administered
  1. various days and options will be provided to the students
  2. review guides and materials will be provided
  3. some options being considered: before and/or after school hours, Saturday sessions
  4. looking to service about 300 students


  • Mid-Year Assessment of CEP goals
  1. Mr. Dechongkit is in the process of working on that
  2. various programs have been and will be implemented to increase our positive environment ratings
  3. in last year’s rating, growth had been expected in that category, but that was not the case
  4. upon examination, it was discovered that not enough of a diverse student population reached, possibly due to the steps required for students to participate
  5. this year, several classes on each grade will participate, with laptops set-up in library to gather the data
  6. some topics will include: bullying, respect, involvement


  1. Social Studies Department will be implementing Black History Month lessons
  2. lessons will focus on perception, breaking boundaries, etc
  3. as a culminating activity, 6th grade classes attending a specially arranged showing of Hidden Figures at the UA Midway Theater on Friday, Feb. 17th
  4. a writing piece will follow that movie viewing


  1. PTA meeting of Feb. 9th rescheduled for Thursday, Feb. 16 due to predicted snowstorm.




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