2016 School Quality Snapshot

Dear Parents,

School Quality Snapshots provide readers a quick view of how a school is faring in components of NYC’s Framework for Great Schools, the six elements that together drive school improvement and prepare students for college and career readiness. In other words, these are the highest-leverage predictors of school growth. And last year, on these highest-level predictors, we did very well.

A number by itself doesn’t always give a full picture of performance. For this reason, the city provides not only a school’s positive percentage rating for key categories and questions, but positive percentage ratings for one or more of the following: city, district, and comparison groups. You can download our our Quality Snapshot.

(Comparison groups are made up of students from other schools across the city who were the most similar to the students at our school (based on incoming test scores, disability status, economic need).)


Vincent Suraci